Not Just for Raw Foodies [vegan mofo, day 10]

Of course, not day ten of mofo for me. It’s more like my fourth post. 😕


Working in a mostly raw, all vegan cafe, I get a whole lotta good ideas for what I can create at home. The galaxy is the limit when it comes to our highly creative chefs. One super simple and healthful habit I have picked up at the cafe is the raw wrap:

At home wrap with refried beans, mustard, sprouts, and raw carrot,enrobed in two overlapping collard greens. Part of a lunch! 

Collard greens! I love collards (more than kale… sorry loyalists!)

At home I rather un-raw-ify my wraps by replacing nut meat with beans and squirting on liberal amounts of mustard. I suppose that it’s the thought (and healthful greens) that count!

But seriously– if you have trouble eating your greens, using it as a wrap is fun and masks the taste with whatever tasty fillings you employ. Beans, rice, cooked or raw veggies, sprouts, and a vast array of condiments (mustard, tomato paste, dressing, nut butter, tamari soy sauce, vinegar, pickles) are at our disposal for these portable salads.

In other news:

I changed my header. Again. I’m still not sure how I feel about the red text color, but I would love any suggestions to make it better or anything!

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2 Responses to Not Just for Raw Foodies [vegan mofo, day 10]

  1. I love using collards as a wrap,raw or not! Your wrap was lovely. So happy it’s fall — the collards are huge right now!

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