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Hello Halloween!

Happy Halloween! May everyone gorge themselves with candy, as the American Halloween founding fathers (aka the candy industries) intended. I, for one, like the original intention of ‘All Hallows Eve’, which is to honor and remember those whom we loved, … Continue reading

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Baking with Babycakes

I was hesitant to write my Blogging Dilemma post, but I am indeed glad I did. Kelsey, you are right– I do need to show more of ME! When I look back on my posts, I want to be able … Continue reading

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The Blogging Dilemma

A lot has been happening lately…. but not blog-worthy stuff. Blog wise, I have been feeling rather uninspired…. it feels so much has been happening lately, mentally, in the real world. I think it interesting that my “blog life” and … Continue reading

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Milk: Cows or Coconuts?

So, I found a new non-dairy milk yesterday. It was on sale (bonus!), so I even got my mom to buy it. It was two-quart container of coconut milk. Of the three options of coconut milk, I bought the unsweetened … Continue reading

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Just Chipper

We now interrupt your usual posting for a painfully cute photograph. So… on our way back from my grandmother’s house this afternoon, we stopped at a rest stop (my bladder can only handle so much, ya know). When I was … Continue reading

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Try. This. Now.

Get ready for another match made in heaven! I think pancakes are a canvas, and I am the artist (an overused metaphor, but stay with me). Pancakes are plain and tend to be boring until you add a splash of … Continue reading

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Raw Nut Butter Mania!

Continuing on the review of my Artisana Sample Package, I give you my thoughts on Raw Almond Butter. The little squeeze packet (along with a super-ripe barlet pear) accompanied me on a super-duper awesome 20 mile bike ride a couple … Continue reading

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