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Winning Combo: Corn and Raspberries

Farmers markets (and the produce they sell) are the best! Local produce just can’t be beat. On a side note: does anyone else get confused when you see bananas at a farmers market? I thought the point was local, but … Continue reading

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When is it ok to pick up a baby animal?

*On a side note: I start my job today. AHHHH :D!!!!* A few days ago, my sister and mom were walking home when my sister spied a little form under a tree– turns out it was a little baby squirrel … Continue reading

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Free Veggies?

The amount of waste in America is appalling. Not only on an individual level, where kids in school don’t think twice about scraping half of their lunch into the trash can, and composters are not widely prevalent, but on a … Continue reading

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My Blogs’ New Direction

I have been blogging for over two years, and my interests/ideas for the blog has morphed and changed since then. For the past couple months I have felt out of my element with every post– I think because my own … Continue reading

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The Perks of Being an Early Riser…

…Is that you go to bed early. (Okay, where is she going with these?). Because having a family full of night owls, they will do the “indulgent” cooking later in the evening, generally when I am getting drowsy. That means … Continue reading

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Look what cuteness I found!

With photography, you sometimes see the “golden shot” through the viewfinder, click the shutter, look at the little camera screen hoping for magic…. …Only to find it’s blurry. But they can be funny blurry, and to leave them piling up … Continue reading

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Changing the way you do things: experimentation or punishment?

Those of us who have suffered from disordered eating may be able to relate on a habit often used in recovery: a habit of avoiding habits you engaged in when you had an eating disorder.  For instance, I used to … Continue reading

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