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3/23/11 Flying Apron Bakery Visit

When we adopted the babies (that’s what I call the new rats now) last week, we stopped at Flying Apron Bakery to pick up some treats, as well as lunch at Chaco Canyon Cafe (which you’ll hear about soon!). Here … Continue reading

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Meet the New Rats!

I talked about our whirlwind adventure for to adopt a pair of rats in my last post a few days ago. Well, after a perfectly perfect afternoon of hangin’ in Seattle with my mommy and grandma (more about that in … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Land of Rats and Blueberries*

Forget milk and honey (besides nooooot vegan!). Remember that I’m looking for rats to adopt? As companions for Vinny? Yeah? Okay, so I have been looking my face off for a few weeks, at craiglist, petfinder, calling shelters, and I … Continue reading

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We Love Us Some Lummus!

For all you down-south lima bean lovers, or for those who, as children, surprised every adult with your capability to love your broccoli, lima beans, and canned spinach, I have a recipe for you. Well, more like, a substitution. My … Continue reading

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Every Comment and Reader Appreciated

Hello everyone! I would like to apologize for the rather incoherent and “all over the place” post, the other morning. Writing a post in 15 minutes flat at 5 am may not be worth repeating! Today I would like to … Continue reading

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Random St. Pa-tricks

Hi all! I hope you had good saint Patrick days. I didn’t exactly celebrate in the best way possible– yesterday was a bit of a drag actually :(. I did eat some green, though. Does a parsley sprig in your … Continue reading

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Welcome the Newest Member of Our Family!

This is Vinny, we ‘adopted’ him from the science center, where I volunteer, after I had been taking care of him on weekends at my house. The rest of my family fell in love with his sweet, affectionate personality and … Continue reading

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