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Festive Times

Wow- Christmas is gone already? And 2010 just around the corner? Well, hope all you folks had a fantastic holiday like I did, and Happy New Year to you! I was blessed with the Christmas gift of a Canon EOS … Continue reading

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Along with gift buying, card making, preparing for company coming, and the need for a dessert plan for the holidays, the kitchen has been cranking out the creations of various reworks and twist of the old holiday classics. Out of … Continue reading

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A litttle cup of love

A cup of love, you say? Why, yes, but not the beverage kind. Remember those Reese’s peanut butter cups? With all that milk-saturated chocolate, hydrogenated margarine, and crappy peanut butter? Yeah, yeah, they were good, but oh so unhealthy. VEGirl … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are officially upon us, and everyone has to start thinking about gifts! My oh my! This year, I want to spread the vegan/animal-friendly/environmental word through gifts. Here are some ideas for you! Sponsoring an animal for someone is … Continue reading

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