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You’ll notice I didn’t post a Christmas recap yet…. It’s a seldom discussed subject. On the holidays we are supposed to be joyous, sociable, in addition to working our butts off to put on a great party and a table … Continue reading

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A Gluten-free Vegan High Tea

Made my me :). High tea is an English tradition, normally eaten at about 4 in the afternoon. My grandmother, who went to England years back, brought back the idea at that Christmas, and ever since it has been tradition … Continue reading

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Body, We Have a Problem

There are three fact of which I am sure: 1. It’s winter. (That means it’s COLD outside, body dearest!) 2. That my hands and feet are perpetually cold throughout winter unless I where fuzzy house boots and gloves (boots yes, … Continue reading

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Buckwheat Raisin Cookies

The glory days have arrived: gluten-allergies have become a common known fact, and  gluten-free products are now much more widespread and known than in past years! However, though they are available does not mean they are necessarily available (financially) to … Continue reading

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Hoiday Recipe Round-Up

Need some recipes for the holidays? Look no further, I’ve got you covered with recipes that are gluten-free and vegan, and many are refined-sugar free plus low in added fat, while still remaining delicious! We have: Gingerbread cookies. Macaroons! (MMM … Continue reading

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(Revised) Gingerbread Cookies

I fancy myself a baker and a chef. Though I don’t have a sheet of paper printed with the words declaring some degree I earned, I feel a magic in the kitchen. The oven beckons like the platter of cookies … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Idea: Chocolates!

The holiday season is looming, and many of us feel pressured to give at least a small token of our love or gratitude to everyone important in our lives. For some, that can add up to quite a few people! … Continue reading

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