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Six Simple Sprinklings to Satisfy

Personally, I love the taste of simple food sprinkle with a little somethin’. More often than not, I opt to add a bit of flavoring after the cooking or prep of the food is done so I can get a … Continue reading

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How I Bake My Muffin and Use Science, too

I suddenly realized today that I’ve never talked about homeschooling specifically- after all, I told you I homeschool in my bio on the sidebar! There are many types of homeschooling out there- I follow one form called unschooling. No, it … Continue reading

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A Compassionately Vegan Gluten-Free Easter

Aggravated over eggs? Heartbroken about ham? And what about those little peeps? The gluten filled Easter candies? You don’t want to contribute to cruelty or activate an allergic chain fire, but you want an enjoyable Easter with all the fixin’s. … Continue reading

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