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One Size Fits All

Who doesn’t love chocolate cupcakes. Or chocolate muffins? Well, I’ll tell ya who– it’s people who can’t have ’em because of an illness or disease, and those who need to lose weight. The usual ingredients in a cupcake or even … Continue reading

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How to Care for a Sick Rat

Our rat, Vi, is now over two years old. She was in great health for her age, despite having undergone a spay at 1 1/2 years of age and multiple surgeries to remove recurring mammary tumors. Recently, however, something strange … Continue reading

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I want YOU

Remember the yesterday (on the blog’s birthday), when I mentioned I had some new features coming to this newly one year old blog? Here they are. Starting in July (next month) I will have a once-a-month international recipe that I … Continue reading

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Happy Blog Birthday

One year ago this day, I published my first ever post on the “Adventures of VEGirl” all about fruit smoothies. Looking back, it wasn’t exactly the most inspiring or original thing I could have written about, but it marked the … Continue reading

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On Jet and Post Lag

The bags are almost packed, the final preparations made. I’m going to Washington DC and New York! Come 2:30 am tomorrow morning (or more like late tonight) I will be leaving on a bus speeding toward the airport to jump … Continue reading

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Flying Apron Bakery Review

Back in March, I died and went to heaven. WHA???? Allow me to define heaven. And dying, for that matter Heaven = Flying Apron Bakery in Seattle, WA. Dying = eating the delicious gluten-free, vegan, refined-sugar free, whole grain and … Continue reading

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The (Not So) Secret Life of Squirrels

Squirrels are one of those “wild” animals that happily mix their personal lives into the lives of humans. We enjoy feeding them– and the squirrels enjoy eating the offerings! My family has some squirrels who frequent our house in hope … Continue reading

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