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Busy Bee to Be

My presence has been spotty on the blog for the last week, and it will be more so in the coming two weeks. I found an amazing opportunity a couple of weeks ago, made only more incredible in the fact … Continue reading

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5-Second Chocolate Sauce (or Pudding)

This is great with a blob of nut butter smothered into it! We all know I love unsweetened chocolate. When I run out, as was the case last week, I decided to try and make a suitable replacement. It is … Continue reading

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Unschooling, Simplified

I have blog readers and people in my day-to-day life ask me about my homeschooling. When they find out I follow this strange sounding style of learning called “unschooling”, their curiosity is peaked. I’ve talked about my unschooling and school … Continue reading

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I Miss….

I miss… The winds and sky that go on forever. The rolling hills. Run-down fences on creeks. Being able to walk into the middle of nowhere and be by yourself. Being able to take photos of said self with no-one … Continue reading

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Seva Restaurant in Ann Arbor

Yum. Like, really yum. Oily, salty, crispy, indulgent. Sometimes it’s just what you want, right? Though I’m not much into looking at booths, I tagged along with my family to the Ann Arbor Art Fair, knowing we would be going … Continue reading

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Staying Cool In Summer

In every sense of the word 😉 But if you had to choose one aspect of coolness, staying hydrated would most certainly trump the desire to keep up your social image. I don’t know about you, but here in Michigan … Continue reading

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Big Dilemmas and Swimming Through Air

I’m a dry type of girl (and I’m not referring to wine, here). I come from a very dry climate– where I had to carry a lotion bottle everywhere I went and if I didn’t, my hands would dry up … Continue reading

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