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Making Hard Decisions

It has been exactly 26 days since I have published a blog post. I have not felt inclined to write a post or even look at my blog since that day. For a couple months I have been questioning my … Continue reading

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The Best Greens for your Smoothies [vegan mofo, day 14]

Morning used to be my “make a creative breakfast” time. However, I have been very influenced by Kris Carr (she made a kick-butt documentary about her struggle with cancer, and a book about the diet she combated it with). After … Continue reading

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Low-Calories, Low-Fat Hummus [vegan mofo, day 11]

The blog world seems to really love hummus. It is, after all, very delicious, healthful; makes for a perfect appetizer spread, condiment, or dip; and packs well for a snack or lunch on the go. Snack to take to work! … Continue reading

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Not Just for Raw Foodies [vegan mofo, day 10]

Of course, not day ten of mofo for me. It’s more like my fourth post. 😕 Anywho…. Working in a mostly raw, all vegan cafe, I get a whole lotta good ideas for what I can create at home. The … Continue reading

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When Time is Pressed…. [Vegan Mofo, day 7]

Ack! I missed two days of vegan mofo :(. Not only did my recipe tests NOT work, but I had work, and then last night when I planned on mofo-ing I got called in to cover for someone. Ahh, the … Continue reading

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How to Make (fiber-filled, sugar-free) Applesauce

There are lots (and I mean LOTS) of applesauce tutorials on the web. They may tell to do everything from peel the apples to adding sugar, from blending to mashing. Mine will no doubt be just another apple in the … Continue reading

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Vegan Velveeta? [Vegan Mofo Day 3]

I have never eaten Velveeta before. Nor do I ever aspire to. Why? Because I trust those who give me a grimacing look when I mention the ‘V’ word. I don’t need any more answer than that! (Please) enter: my … Continue reading

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