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I’d Love to Blog….

But I’m much too busy. Be back soon! (Picture taken at the beginning of November 2o1o) Advertisements

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Potato Peanut Butter Palace

Behold. Well, I suppose it’s more like a hut than a palace. I really love potatoes. Peanut butter is pretty delicious, too. The other day, I woke up hungry for the idea I had hatched in bed the night before, … Continue reading

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Doing the Best for Our Degus

On Sunday little sister got sidetracked while cleaning the degu cage. But who could resist petting this cute little bugger? Especially when they will finally let us pet them after a year and a half of having them with us! … Continue reading

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Pink Food

Story time! When I was inbetween the ages of four and six, I went to my first ever birthday party. At the time we were living out in a very sparsely populated area where is rained three hundred days out … Continue reading

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Pear and Rosemary and Chocolate, oh my!

I know I left you all on a teaser with the Christmas dessert description at the end of that post, and no photo to accompany it! I wasn’t happy with the flash photos (why do beautiful desserts have to be … Continue reading

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Oh Baby, Those are Some Good Buns

I’m so scandalous. But it is certainly true! I have often gushed about my favorite bakery (which also happens to be a favorite across America, too), Babycakes, which I have visited while on a trip to New York City on … Continue reading

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Bitter Bliss

I think I’ll jump right in today: make this now. Alex at Spoonful of Sugar-Free (awesome lady, btw), posted a recipe for grain-free bitter chocolate cake for one last month, which I have had my eyed trained on. The only … Continue reading

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