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When Time is Pressed…. [Vegan Mofo, day 7]

Ack! I missed two days of vegan mofo :(. Not only did my recipe tests NOT work, but I had work, and then last night when I planned on mofo-ing I got called in to cover for someone. Ahh, the … Continue reading

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True Veggie Straws!

Those who have a food dryer know the Ima-try-and-dry-everything-cause-it-seems-like-a-good-idea syndrome. For instance, my ooh-I’m-brilliant idea of drying green onion stalks….didn’t work out too well. Most rotted before drying entirely :(. However, the ones that did crisp well were delicious! I … Continue reading

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“This one has got to work”

I’ve been saying that with every recipe test, of whatever nature, for the past week. I thought that if I tried enough combination of weird ingredients, I was bound to get something good. But to no avail. I knew I … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Sweet Potato Lover

I’m a couple days late, but dear Sweet Potato, will you be my Valentine? Sweet potato mashed with cinnamon and fresh vanilla bean, on toast with almond butter. My favorite way to eat sweet potatoes! There’s a lot of confusion … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Idea: Chocolates!

The holiday season is looming, and many of us feel pressured to give at least a small token of our love or gratitude to everyone important in our lives. For some, that can add up to quite a few people! … Continue reading

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Bliss By Chocolate

Ever heard of death by chocolate? Well, I really don’t want to die when I eat the stuff, because of course I want to live to eat it another day! Artisana Cacao Bliss, part of the sample package I received, … Continue reading

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Ingredients for Success (The Need for Energy- Part 2)

Use less environmental energy and gain better quality food energy. Welcome to part 2 of the energy bar discussion– if you haven’t read part 1 yet, please do. Today we’ll see some key ingredients in creating your own energy bars. … Continue reading

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