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How to Make (fiber-filled, sugar-free) Applesauce

There are lots (and I mean LOTS) of applesauce tutorials on the web. They may tell to do everything from peel the apples to adding sugar, from blending to mashing. Mine will no doubt be just another apple in the … Continue reading

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Not yo’ Ordinary Grapes

Do you like grapes? Because I don’t! Those overly-sweet California orbs at the grocery store have never appealed to me as much as, say… a banana. Or a nectarine. (Mmm…. I love me some nectarines!) When we moved to Michigan … Continue reading

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Pink Food

Story time! When I was inbetween the ages of four and six, I went to my first ever birthday party. At the time we were living out in a very sparsely populated area where is rained three hundred days out … Continue reading

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Bitter Bliss

I think I’ll jump right in today: make this now. Alex at Spoonful of Sugar-Free (awesome lady, btw), posted a recipe for grain-free bitter chocolate cake for one last month, which I have had my eyed trained on. The only … Continue reading

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Buckwheat Raisin Cookies

The glory days have arrived: gluten-allergies have become a common known fact, and  gluten-free products are now much more widespread and known than in past years! However, though they are available does not mean they are necessarily available (financially) to … Continue reading

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Hello Halloween!

Happy Halloween! May everyone gorge themselves with candy, as the American Halloween founding fathers (aka the candy industries) intended. I, for one, like the original intention of ‘All Hallows Eve’, which is to honor and remember those whom we loved, … Continue reading

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Milk: Cows or Coconuts?

So, I found a new non-dairy milk yesterday. It was on sale (bonus!), so I even got my mom to buy it. It was two-quart container of coconut milk. Of the three options of coconut milk, I bought the unsweetened … Continue reading

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