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Low-Calories, Low-Fat Hummus [vegan mofo, day 11]

The blog world seems to really love hummus. It is, after all, very delicious, healthful; makes for a perfect appetizer spread, condiment, or dip; and packs well for a snack or lunch on the go. Snack to take to work! … Continue reading

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Sneaky Vegetables

You’ve heard of apple butter. You’ve probably heard of pumpkin butter. Heck, you may have even heard of mango butter. But did you know that a creamy, versatile spread can be more than delicious, but pack in the nutrition of … Continue reading

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Not yo’ Ordinary Grapes

Do you like grapes? Because I don’t! Those overly-sweet California orbs at the grocery store have never appealed to me as much as, say… a banana. Or a nectarine. (Mmm…. I love me some nectarines!) When we moved to Michigan … Continue reading

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Quarts of (Banana) Ice Cream?

We all know the blogworld (and the unearthly beings inhabiting it ;)) love banana soft-serve, right? You have heard of banana soft-serve a bazillion times, right? You have made it before, RIGHT? Have you ever found yourself in the position … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Vegan Light and Moist Pancakes

Note: this is the guest post that was featured on the gluten-free vegan community, xgfx, the other day. ~~~~~~~ I love pancakes. To say I have an obsession would be an understatement. It’s more like an obsessed obsession. Did that … Continue reading

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(R)ice Cold Cereal

Oh my pod! I start my new job today. (Ahhhh! :eek:) With simultaneous swells of joy at being able to work in my dream vegan cafe, and interrupting pounds of nerves, I just hope I don’t collapse on my first … Continue reading

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“All the proof of a pudding is in the eating”

Did you know that is the long, and original, version of the common (and mind-messing) saying of “The proof is in the pudding”? If you feel like avoiding something, go ahead and read this article about the saying ;). Basically, … Continue reading

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