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Low-Calories, Low-Fat Hummus [vegan mofo, day 11]

The blog world seems to really love hummus. It is, after all, very delicious, healthful; makes for a perfect appetizer spread, condiment, or dip; and packs well for a snack or lunch on the go. Snack to take to work! … Continue reading

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Not yo’ Ordinary Grapes

Do you like grapes? Because I don’t! Those overly-sweet California orbs at the grocery store have never appealed to me as much as, say… a banana. Or a nectarine. (Mmm…. I love me some nectarines!) When we moved to Michigan … Continue reading

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Cashew Kalamata Olive Kale

I was a slow one to come around to kalamata olives. It only about a month ago that I once again braved to have a taste, and thought– “hey, little sister was right, these are good”. Maybe I was just … Continue reading

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Bitter Bliss

I think I’ll jump right in today: make this now. Alex at Spoonful of Sugar-Free (awesome lady, btw), posted a recipe for grain-free bitter chocolate cake for one last month, which I have had my eyed trained on. The only … Continue reading

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Buckwheat Raisin Cookies

The glory days have arrived: gluten-allergies have become a common known fact, and  gluten-free products are now much more widespread and known than in past years! However, though they are available does not mean they are necessarily available (financially) to … Continue reading

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The Round Root of Pi(e) Is…

Oops… did I say round, I meant square ;). No roots to be found in my pies though, just some lovely pumpkin and apple :). After a great dinner with our friends at Thanksgiving, we all took a nice walk … Continue reading

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I Ate Cake for Breakfast

Oh, come on– we all do it! And I didn’t eat yo ordinary cake, this was healthy cake! Another creation, not from me this time, but my mother. Her kitchen outcomes have varied outcomes (on the count that she never … Continue reading

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