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Vegan Velveeta? [Vegan Mofo Day 3]

I have never eaten Velveeta before. Nor do I ever aspire to. Why? Because I trust those who give me a grimacing look when I mention the ‘V’ word. I don’t need any more answer than that! (Please) enter: my … Continue reading

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Winning Combo: Corn and Raspberries

Farmers markets (and the produce they sell) are the best! Local produce just can’t be beat. On a side note: does anyone else get confused when you see bananas at a farmers market? I thought the point was local, but … Continue reading

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5-Second Chocolate Sauce (or Pudding)

This is great with a blob of nut butter smothered into it! We all know I love unsweetened chocolate. When I run out, as was the case last week, I decided to try and make a suitable replacement. It is … Continue reading

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We Love Us Some Lummus!

For all you down-south lima bean lovers, or for those who, as children, surprised every adult with your capability to love your broccoli, lima beans, and canned spinach, I have a recipe for you. Well, more like, a substitution. My … Continue reading

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Body, We Have a Problem

There are three fact of which I am sure: 1. It’s winter. (That means it’s COLD outside, body dearest!) 2. That my hands and feet are perpetually cold throughout winter unless I where fuzzy house boots and gloves (boots yes, … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Idea: Chocolates!

The holiday season is looming, and many of us feel pressured to give at least a small token of our love or gratitude to everyone important in our lives. For some, that can add up to quite a few people! … Continue reading

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Milk: Cows or Coconuts?

So, I found a new non-dairy milk yesterday. It was on sale (bonus!), so I even got my mom to buy it. It was two-quart container of coconut milk. Of the three options of coconut milk, I bought the unsweetened … Continue reading

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