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How to Make (fiber-filled, sugar-free) Applesauce

There are lots (and I mean LOTS) of applesauce tutorials on the web. They may tell to do everything from peel the apples to adding sugar, from blending to mashing. Mine will no doubt be just another apple in the … Continue reading

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Local Love

Over here, Saturday means farmers markets! There are two of them, one we can bike to and the other is to drive to– yesterday the family decided to go the bigger (and more varied) one. Taking the car in that … Continue reading

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Quarts of (Banana) Ice Cream?

We all know the blogworld (and the unearthly beings inhabiting it ;)) love banana soft-serve, right? You have heard of banana soft-serve a bazillion times, right? You have made it before, RIGHT? Have you ever found yourself in the position … Continue reading

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“This one has got to work”

I’ve been saying that with every recipe test, of whatever nature, for the past week. I thought that if I tried enough combination of weird ingredients, I was bound to get something good. But to no avail. I knew I … Continue reading

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Winning Combo: Corn and Raspberries

Farmers markets (and the produce they sell) are the best! Local produce just can’t be beat. On a side note: does anyone else get confused when you see bananas at a farmers market? I thought the point was local, but … Continue reading

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The Perks of Being an Early Riser…

…Is that you go to bed early. (Okay, where is she going with these?). Because having a family full of night owls, they will do the “indulgent” cooking later in the evening, generally when I am getting drowsy. That means … Continue reading

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The Perfect Summer Day

There are some times in summer that remind me heavily of summers past, when I was a kid (I can’t believe I’m a teen now!) and being in the warm presence of family (<—- a rare one, considering teens are … Continue reading

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