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When Time is Pressed…. [Vegan Mofo, day 7]

Ack! I missed two days of vegan mofo :(. Not only did my recipe tests NOT work, but I had work, and then last night when I planned on mofo-ing I got called in to cover for someone. Ahh, the … Continue reading

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The Bread Winner

Ok, maybe it’s not really bread– but it’s sure stands in for it nicely. If your GF you’ll know how time-consuming it can be to make a decent gluten-free sandwich bread. You can’t just open the bread drawer and pull … Continue reading

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Pasado and Pancakes

So, the good news is, I get to volunteer at a brand new sancutary. The bad news? It’s a six or so hour drive from my house and I will be absence from the blog world for a few days … Continue reading

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One Size Fits All

Who doesn’t love chocolate cupcakes. Or chocolate muffins? Well, I’ll tell ya who– it’s people who can’t have ’em because of an illness or disease, and those who need to lose weight. The usual ingredients in a cupcake or even … Continue reading

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Bananas for Bread

Get it? After having the inclination to make a banana baked good, I quickly found out that banana bread traditionally contains sugar, butter, eggs, and wheat flour- everything I work to exclude from my baking! Well, after a few different … Continue reading

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Pumpkin and spice makes everything nice!

I am very excited to share this recipe with you, the first on this blog. I guess I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, with Thanksgiving a month away, but I couldn’t wait any longer to experiment with some pie … Continue reading

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