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The Best Greens for your Smoothies [vegan mofo, day 14]

Morning used to be my “make a creative breakfast” time. However, I have been very influenced by Kris Carr (she made a kick-butt documentary about her struggle with cancer, and a book about the diet she combated it with). After … Continue reading

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Gotta Jet!

When you get the morning/afternoon shift at work three days in a row, you need a good breakfast! I now understand the inconvenience of having to at work at 9 am. Not sure how all you 9-5ers do it. I … Continue reading

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The Perks of Being an Early Riser…

…Is that you go to bed early. (Okay, where is she going with these?). Because having a family full of night owls, they will do the “indulgent” cooking later in the evening, generally when I am getting drowsy. That means … Continue reading

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(R)ice Cold Cereal

Oh my pod! I start my new job today. (Ahhhh! :eek:) With simultaneous swells of joy at being able to work in my dream vegan cafe, and interrupting pounds of nerves, I just hope I don’t collapse on my first … Continue reading

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Food is Art

To me, this breakfast cake is rather reminiscent of the Badlands of South Dakota 😉

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Babycakes Wonderbun Adaptation

Ooohh, such a gorgeous Monday in my neck of the woods! And while most people are groaning, Monday is just another wonderful day of the week for me. Ahh, I love unschooling. But I didn’t come to talk about Monday’s … Continue reading

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Breakfasts at Grandma’s

Since my grandparents eat normal (not certified gluten-free) oatmeal every morning, I am left to my own devices for breakfast. Good thing, too! I love making my own breakfast– it’s my favorite meal of the day and such an opportunity … Continue reading

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