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5-Second Chocolate Sauce (or Pudding)

This is great with a blob of nut butter smothered into it! We all know I love unsweetened chocolate. When I run out, as was the case last week, I decided to try and make a suitable replacement. It is … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Sweet Potato Lover

I’m a couple days late, but dear Sweet Potato, will you be my Valentine? Sweet potato mashed with cinnamon and fresh vanilla bean, on toast with almond butter. My favorite way to eat sweet potatoes! There’s a lot of confusion … Continue reading

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The Round Root of Pi(e) Is…

Oops… did I say round, I meant square ;). No roots to be found in my pies though, just some lovely pumpkin and apple :). After a great dinner with our friends at Thanksgiving, we all took a nice walk … Continue reading

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Raw Nut Butter Mania!

Continuing on the review of my Artisana Sample Package, I give you my thoughts on Raw Almond Butter. The little squeeze packet (along with a super-ripe barlet pear) accompanied me on a super-duper awesome 20 mile bike ride a couple … Continue reading

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A Twist on the Old Favorite

I’ll let my lunch do the talking: A BIG bowl of steamed veggies and a nut butter blackberry no-quesa Quesadilla. Like WHOA! Super yum. I got the idea from Jenny of Peanut Butter and Jenny and thought I would try … Continue reading

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Need a Quick Breakfast? Try This.

WARNING: the photos in this post were taken on the run, and using flash, making them extremely ugly. So ugly, in fact, I didn’t even bother putting watermarks on them, or putting them through the retouching process (wouldn’t have done … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Almond Butter Addict

I am addicted. When you see something you’ve always wanted to try- on sale– you always buy it. Right? I have put off trying the acclaimed delicious almond butter* for ages, because $10 a 16 oz jar? Forget it. But … Continue reading

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