The Best Greens for your Smoothies [vegan mofo, day 14]

Morning used to be my “make a creative breakfast” time.

However, I have been very influenced by Kris Carr (she made a kick-butt documentary about her struggle with cancer, and a book about the diet she combated it with). After reading it, I was intrigued by the 21-day cleanse she proposes, and decided to take it up. I was lucky enough to meet her at a local event she spoke at, too!

(I am the brunette!)

I know I already eat super-healthy… compared to most people. But having found myself unhappy with my diet and how I feeling (a bit sluggish, consuming too much nut butter, too little vegetables, unreliable digestion) that I figured a change would be welcome.

I’ve made a few commitments to stick with for a few weeks (I am about halfway), including eating more raw food, abstaining from sweeteners, and drinking greens smoothies or juices for breakfast……

…. and lets just say I am bad at making green anything. Some mornings I couldn’t even finish the sludge I would pour out of my blender. They were that bad.

Needless to say, breakfasts have not been very creative or interesting while I am simply trying to stay afloat with my attempts at making a palatable vegetable/fruit smoothie. Luckily I have the cafe for inspiration!

The whole idea with Kris Carr’s smoothie/juice breakfast regime is to be easy on the digestion in the morning and let your body continue ‘house cleaning’ on your body– and also to get veggies (nutrition powerhouses) first thing! Considering I would eat about half of my day’s food before noon previous to this, it is a bit of an adjustment with the lighter fare. I have already had a few detox symptoms, and right now I feel a bit funny (not as bad as someone transitioning  from the S.A.D. certainly, but still unpleasant!).

However, a green I’ve discovered that does not impart bitterness to my smoothie is a strange find indeed: turnip greens! The sell them by the pound at my local market and I loaded up for my smoothies, what with their mild flavor and ability to blend nicely, even in my crap of a blender. Lettuce, cucumber, celery, and sprouts aren’t bad in smoothies either. Adding frozen banana chunks (a splurge considering their environmental costs), in addition to local fruits, makes them drinkable. Even enjoyable!

Although, I’ll make a confession: halfway though my second green smoothie this morning, I threw it in the freezer and ate some (no-sugar) peach crisp from desert last night.

Who said rules aren’t meant to be broken.


What is your take on the “liquids until noon” diets?

Do you abide by smoothies, juices, and teas for your morning, or do you find you are better off with more substantial fare to start your day?

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9 Responses to The Best Greens for your Smoothies [vegan mofo, day 14]

  1. funkyryan says:

    I’m a green smoothie junkie. I eat one every morning

  2. Picky Nicky says:

    I didnt know that “liquids before noon” was actually a THING lol I find myself doing that most school days but not even on purpose. It’s like a smoothie for breakfast and then some iced tea or water during class, sometimes coffee… Lol I guess those are not ALL healthy choices. But I’m curious now about the liquids before noon thing!

  3. I hear ya! I go in out of green drinks. We have a love/hate relationship. I think the trick is to enjoy them for a while and then take a break.

  4. yeah, i’m so lazy in the morning i don’t end up eating much before noon most days just by default. i’m interested in eating more intentionally and trying a cleanse like this, but i’m waiting until i finish breastfeeding to mess around with my body.

  5. Mandee says:

    I’m not a fan of green juice but I do like green smoothies. And I think it would work better to eat during the day and have only juice/smoothies in the afternoon/evening because we’re less active.

  6. choirqueer says:

    Mmm, greens! I have not been able to find turnip greens and I really want some. I’ve been making turnip soup but I have to get some other greens to use because the only turnips I can find have been de-greened!

  7. Stunning blog, still very new Vegan, so will be back to steal some stunning ideas 😉

  8. suryasmiles says:

    I love cilantro or Italian parsley, green apple or fresh pear, fresh ginger, celery and fresh berries, or thawed berries (rasp, blues, or blackberries) with NuNaturals stevia. Don’t use other sweeteners or fresh/frozen naners because it’s too sweet for my gut. Lots of water, or mixture of coconut, almond or hemp milk. I just wing it to taste. Oh sometimes a protein powder, haven’t found my fav yet. I usually make a full Vitamix container full so it’s my breakfast and lunch for the day.

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