Local Love

Over here, Saturday means farmers markets! There are two of them, one we can bike to and the other is to drive to– yesterday the family decided to go the bigger (and more varied) one. Taking the car in that case means we can bring home more food 😉

And what good spoils there are! Summer produce is still lingering, while the more fall-like apples and squash and greens are returning… best of both worlds. We bought our first apples of the season– cute as a button, and I brought home six (yes, 6!) kabocha squash.

Fellow kabocha inhalers understand.

At the market, I was super hungry, and so munched on a fresh ear of corn, in addition to all the produce samples set out ;).

Now that is a real corn dog!

Mom and dad were feeling charitable, and so we each got a raw Brazilian nut brownie from a local zen/monk center that operates a little raw cafe.

I do not lie when I say this tasted like a traditional white sugar/white flour/eggy brownie, and only the texture was slightly different. The ingredients (as best as I can recall): brazil nuts, maple syrup, cacao, sea salt.

After a long night of work, and some sleeping, my (first) breakfast consisted of our newly purchased produce!

Half of a small melon, scooped out (I was going to eat it but it tasted like cucumbers. Not sweet at all.) and filled with steamed kabocha squash and topped with cinnamon. Accompanied by a TON of fresh fruit (not all is pictured, I snacked on fruit before and after the meal as well ;).

I got ridiculously excited to see all the local stuff we got– the rest of my plate (and snacking) had local plums, apple, asian pear, green grapes, and peaches, as well as free nectarines.


Today’s Question:

Are your anticipating fall?

Fall is not my favorite season– summer will always have the VIP place in my heart (something about the nectarines and raspberries and sun). However, I can see why everyone loves fall here in Michigan. The summers are brutal here!

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2 Responses to Local Love

  1. yes! i am anticipating all the recipes ill make! 🙂 i have pumpkin pie muffins made already!! i posted them on my blog 🙂

  2. Averie says:

    your photos are sooo pretty!

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