Quarts of (Banana) Ice Cream?

We all know the blogworld (and the unearthly beings inhabiting it ;)) love banana soft-serve, right?

You have heard of banana soft-serve a bazillion times, right?

You have made it before, RIGHT?

Have you ever found yourself in the position of wanting ice cream or banana soft serve, but not wanting to have to make it? You may have the bananas already in the freezer, but the thought of taking them out, putting them in the blender, and tolerating loud noise for it sounds too counterproductive to laziness?

I figured out the secret to having banana ice cream whenever you want: 

Make a big batch of banana soft-serve, but add a touch of guar gum (or another binder, such as xanthan gum). Freeze. You could even do this with non-frozen bananas, pouring the resulting mixture in a container and freezing– NOTE: this does not work as well as freezing soft-serve made with pre-frozen bananas.

The frozen mixture will be like ice cream, totally scoop-able and ready for business!

Note: the above soft serve pictured, in the quart jar, is slightly off-color due to the fact that my bananas were mushy brown (that’s what you get for saving $$$ on discounted bananas!)

You banana ice cream can be used in anything and everything you would want ice cream in, and it’s even suitable for breakfast (such as the above ice cream pancake sandwiches)! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Flavor the banana mixture before you freeze it: chocolate, peanut butter, mocha (!), berry, chocolate chip mint, and vanilla banana, are some ideas to get you started.
  • Treat yourself to a healthy ice cream sundae– and bring on the nuts, dried fruit, and fudge sauce (you could even use 5-second chocolate sauce!).
  • Make an ice cream cake!
  • How about a banana split? (That would be ironic.)
  • Eat straight out of jar.

Using bananas for ice cream could be better for the environment
in the long-term…

…not to mention for your health, the cows, etc. Though bananas aren’t local by any means, I believe it is less harmful on the environment to use bananas in recipes to achieve indulgent results rather than tons of packaged foods.


Today’s Question:

Have you ever had banana soft serve? Do you like bananas?

I ask the above question because I have indeed met someone, a good friend, who does not like bananas. Or coconut. But he loves bacon (oy….)

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4 Responses to Quarts of (Banana) Ice Cream?

  1. Ahhh cute!!

    Do I like bananas? Nope, not at all ;).

  2. I LOVE BANANAS! but i actually prefer them regular to soft serve!

  3. A Tablespoon of Liz says:

    I love bananas, and banana soft serve! This is such an amazing idea, because I often want it, but don’t feel like making it and cleaning out the blender and such. I’m definitly going to try this!

  4. Great idea! I tried making a big batch once, and it was good, but it didn’t hold up too well. I think the thickening agent would help with that! And I LOVE bananas! Like you said, they aren’t that environmentally friendly, but they are better than a lot of other stuff!

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