“This one has got to work”

I’ve been saying that with every recipe test, of whatever nature, for the past week. I thought that if I tried enough combination of weird ingredients, I was bound to get something good. But to no avail.

I knew I need to rethink something when this morning’s tester “peanut chocolate” pancakes made with rice glued itself to my fingers and would slip in the pan in a tossing wobbling mass.

So for lunch, after doing a bit of bike shopping for my mommy (and after bolting down a banana, half-starved) I just ate simple stuff. Not messing around with fancy “corn pancakes”, just a pile ‘o’ summer goodness:

Break down of the plate:

Local stuff: cantaloupe, corn, pear, tomato, cucumber

Free stuff: chard, carrot, grapefruit.

Came-from-the-grocery store stuff: clementine, little peppers

Not bad.

More eating right after:



Dried broccoli, assorted nuts, raisins, half a peach.



I don’t eat only piles of produce all day, or every day– but they are real food with real energy. Just thought I should clarify that– summer is short, and it was a nice and fresh meal. And you better bet I was snacking an hour and half later!


Now, how about a little survey? I was tagged by Maxwell, and tickled pink to be tagged (for the first time ever!)

Name your favorite color: sunshine yellow :).

Name your favorite song: Sari by Nellie Mckay. It can’t be beat (watch this video, it’s different from the studio version, but it’s monumental).

What wizzes you off?: When people accuse me of something I don’t think I did, or infer the same. Unfortunately, sometimes I think I make up the offense in my head :?.

When you are upset, you: Yell a bit. Stalk to my room. Calm down. Go apologize to whoever had the misfortune to be on the receiving end. ALTERNATE CHOICE: master myself and go for a walk, which always helps me sort my thoughts and see what is truly upsetting me.

Your favorite pet:  WHAT? You are asking me to CHOOSE? I have three rats, I can’t choose one! That is like asking me my favorite nut butter…

….not that I am equating my ratties to nut butter or anything…

Black or White: Ummm…. is this another way of asking “chocolate or vanilla?”.

Your biggest fear: Having my life zip away. I don’t want my life to go to waste, I want to be present in every second of it.

Best features:  I love my hair– it is naturally straight and stays straight and silky all by itself, even after a day of skiing :D. I also like my hands… they are small, my fingers are long, and I keep my nails unpolished, but nicely square and tidy.

Everyday Attitude: serious, gullible (I am very gullible!), and cracking low-key jokes to make poeple stop and laugh.

What is perfection: Being happy with who you are.

Guilty Pleasure: I wish I could say I didn’t have guilt eating some things…. but I do still. When I feel up to challenging myself though, I bake (or eat) up something with lots of oil and sugar!

Tag! You’re it!

Kelsey @  Snacking Squirrel

Nicky @ Kabocha Fashion

Jess @ On Love and Life


Today’s Question:

What is your favorite color? (I feel like a four year old asking that!)

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4 Responses to “This one has got to work”

  1. Awwr I hate it when recipes don’t turn out, but it’s a learning process and you figure things out as you go. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve had to scrap when I started experimenting with different ingredients or styles of cooking. Yeah. Not good. Even my dog wouldn’t eat some of the stuff lol.

    As for my favorite color, right now I’m really loving mauve… any shade of purplish/grayish really.

  2. A Tablespoon of Liz says:

    My favorite color is yellow as well! I’m also a big fan of turquoise.. but mostly yellow. Love all the fresh veggies, they look amazing!

  3. Part of experimentation is periodically failing, so good for you for trying in the first place. It’s all part of the process. 🙂 Beside that, your plate up top looks incredible, the perfect way to start saying goodbye (sadly!) to summer. I can’t believe it’s already September…

  4. Oh, your ratties are just gorgeous!

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