Winning Combo: Corn and Raspberries

Farmers markets (and the produce they sell) are the best!

Local produce just can’t be beat.

On a side note: does anyone else get confused when you see bananas at a farmers market? I thought the point was local, but seeing the packaged brand of raspberries identical to the ones in Washington get me really confused.

Um, we are in Michigan now and their raspberries rule.

This last Saturday, we loaded up on produce for the week (which actually only ever ends up getting us through half the week. My family and I are produce monsters :mrgreen:)

My brilliant head ( 🙄 ) thought raspberries and corn would make a good combination. Luckily, I was actually right this time.

There’s a first.

Corn, blueberries, fresh corn kernels, homemade coconut butter.


On a rather depressing note, Sprig, the baby squirrel we rescued, passed away the other night. I found out when I arrived home from my first day of work (which was awesome, by the way. Thanks for all of your support about working my dream vegan cafe job!).

My little sister made a stone and a flower bouquet in Sprig’s honor. She was really crushed by his death– and understandably, as she was the one who felt really responsible for him.

Rest in peace.


Today’s Question:

What are some of your winning combos? Here are a couple more of my yummy duo discoveries.

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4 Responses to Winning Combo: Corn and Raspberries

  1. A Tablespoon of Liz says:

    Corn and raspberries… I would have never thought! And that’s so sad about Sprig.. : (

  2. Awwr I’m so sorry about Sprig 😦 That’s nice of your sister to make that little memorial for him though… It’s never easy to lose an animal, especially if you feel responsible for them, but at least you gave him another shot at life and did your best to care for him.

    And I would have never thought of combining raspberries and corn, but the combination sounds divine 😀 My winning combos? Well, you can never go wrong with AB and bananas… or AB and chocolate 😀 Really… AB and anything!

  3. Stefanie says:

    Sorry to hear about Sprig. Atleast he had a good fight with careing people.

    I like tahini and chocolate thanks to HEAB. It balances eachother out well.

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