When is it ok to pick up a baby animal?

*On a side note: I start my job today. AHHHH :D!!!!*

A few days ago, my sister and mom were walking home when my sister spied a little form under a tree– turns out it was a little baby squirrel his eyes not even open. They looked all over for the mother, who was not to be seen or heard, and the baby looked very skinny and sick.

When I saw what they had I immediately volunteered to bike the four miles to the pet store to pick up baby-animal formula (my dad had the car at work). We found this site and read up on how to take care of the little baby!

We have all been taking shifts feeding Sprig (as little sister named him). His eyes have opened and he is rehydrating and recovering well! He had worms so in addition we are giving that treatment.

If we had not found Sprig, he would have died.

He was close to death as it was– severely hungry and dehydrated, and a storm came the next night.

However, sometimes, you should not pick up a baby animal. People will often “rescue” babies who they think are “abandoned”, when they are in fact not. Some animal’s parents purposely leave them in what they believe is a safe place (such as rabbits), and you should always do your research before “rescuing” them.

When a baby animal as clearly been left for days, though, it is in his/her best interest to have intervention. You could take a rescue to a vet, which is helpful if there is serious injury and severe dehydration (that necessitates injections or IV).

We went the home care route– and you can too, as long as you have confidence to learn what you need to know, the patience to deal with a sick wild animal, and the willingness to wake-up to feed multiple times a night. All the tools you need are available– puppy/kitten formula, bottles, and droppers available in pet stores (they can both be used for other animals). And lucky for us, the internet is teeming with guides on how to re-feed an abandoned animal.

When Sprig grows up, we will release him according to the instructions on the site we are reading, and we are hoping he will come to visit lots :). We are just drinking in his cuteness for now– as soon he’ll be clawing up our arms no doubt! His eyes watch us in such an endearing glimmering manner, and he falls asleep in the middle of being fed!

FYI: he is staying inside– he isn’t outside all the time! We took him out for some photos and sometimes to walk around a bit.


Today’s Question:

Have you ever rescued a wild baby animal?

There definitely are circumstances where picking up a baby is not appropriate– I had a friend when I was eight who took a baby bird whose mother was right there and kept her as a pet. Not a good idea! Birds (0f any kind) are not meant for cages!

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5 Responses to When is it ok to pick up a baby animal?

  1. A Tablespoon of Liz says:

    He’s so adorable! I love black squirrels. I’ve never rescued a wild baby animal, but if I needed to I would in a heartbeat!

  2. Awwwr what a cutie. That’s so sweet of you to take him in and nurse him back to health. When I was little, there was a really bad storm that ended up knocking a nest of baby robins out of a tree. There was three of them, and 2 died from the fall, but the third one was still alive so we took him in and nursed him back to good. It was so long ago and I was too tiny to remember all the details, but I do remember hunting for worms for him to eat, and that the story had a happy ending 😀

    Hope your first day at work was awesome!

  3. That is too cute!!! You guys are heros for saving the little bugger! Congrats on the day of work 😀 Let us know how it went!

  4. Katherine says:

    ohhh my gooodnesssssss. you just melted my heart with those photographs !! update about how it goes ! good luck

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