Look what cuteness I found!

With photography, you sometimes see the “golden shot” through the viewfinder, click the shutter, look at the little camera screen hoping for magic….

…Only to find it’s blurry. But they can be funny blurry, and to leave them piling up in my photo files is a shame!

Because really, who could resist a face like this, no matter how fuzzy?

Or this?

Speaking of piling up photos…

I’m bit computer overloaded, hence the short post. I’m organizing my iphoto photos, because though I file away all my edited blog photos (and ones for my portfolio) into organized spaces, all the little pointless pictures of coins and Lady Gaga impersonations and pretty pictures that haven’t reached their posting time, pile higilty pigilty into an ever growing black hole!

Until tomorrow friends!

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4 Responses to Look what cuteness I found!

  1. Gah! Is that Vinny? Cutest pic ever! I love his little rat paws! I know what you mean about being a little bit overloaded with pics… I have the same problem. I try to keep all of my pics on memory sticks to avoid burdening my poor computer too much, so I have tonnes of those little things lying around.

  2. Too cute! They look so perfectly adorable! I bet a ton of those photos you are going through feature the rats you so dearly love. Just a guess šŸ˜‰

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