The Perfect Summer Day

There are some times in summer that remind me heavily of summers past, when I was a kid (I can’t believe I’m a teen now!) and being in the warm presence of family (<—- a rare one, considering teens are notorious for fighting with their parents).

Yesterday was one of those days.

Before any on else in the family woke up, I went to a local farmers market and photographed (and didn’t bring money so as not to tempt myself! Not that I have any money to spend… you know that idea of “broke teenagers?”… yeah, that’s me ;)).

When I got back, we went to the BIG farmers market in the city (the one that is about five times as large as the one I went to in the morning!). I found me melons that were $1 each and about the size of a gallon paint can– and about as heavy– so, naturally I got three ;).

Other melons should be ashamed to be alive. I promptly stuffed myself with about half of one. Everyone laughed at the image of me, stuffing juicy, buttery cantaloupe in my mouth with juice running down my face and big smile. Imagine amongst yourselves.

In late afternoon, I arrived (early, so as to avoid the rainstorm brewing) at a meeting with a photographer friend to chat. The storm raged while we laughed and talked, then I rode home out to a slight/non-existent drizzle.

Pot of raspberry roobious tea and a banana.

I arrived home to the family cooking the type of dinner always looked forward to in summer. Having gone to the farmer’s market that afternoon, we had to cook our local spoils!

Local sweet potatoes (I can’t believe they grow here!) and potatoes, corn, broccoli, vinegar soaked cucumbers, and tomato slices. The shining star of summer.

After dinner, with the clouds overcasting the wet puddle ridden ground, we sat down to watch a movie with…

Cantaloupe, basil and banana with Neapolitan soy ice cream. Ice cream is one of those rare treats in our family, and I definitely went back for a few more scoops!


Today’s Questions:

What are some of your family summer memories/traditions?

How do you eat your corn? Some people like to rip it off the cob with their teeth, but I enjoy scraping it off in bars to eat.

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2 Responses to The Perfect Summer Day

  1. Stephanie says:

    I do the bars thing too! I got it from my dad and it tastes better that way, unless I’ve got some chives and coconut oil, in which case I’ll mix those two together and spread it on the corn and eat it off the cob. Really, either way is good with me 🙂
    Those cherries look so gorgeous!

  2. Cara says:

    I used to slather tons of butter, salt and pepper on my corn. Now, I truly just enjoy the plain ol’ taste of it without anything except the kernels in my teeth 🙂
    P.S. Your site is AMAZING! I wish I was doing the things that you are when I was a teenager. I really admire you–keep it up!

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