Cereal Killer

If Americans love one thing (other than ketchup), it’s cereal. It’s one that is an integral part of growing up for many kids.

Old picture– chocolate chip pancakes with a side of puffed cereal topped with fruit and peanut butter :D.

Well, not my childhood.

Cereal was a true treat in my house, and even then it was puffed rice or a natural brand. Only when I went to public school and got breakfast there did I ever sample the infamous “Cocoa Puffs” and I tried lucky charms once in third grade (even my junk food loving then-self wasn’t so sure about those little rainbow nuggets).

Our lack of cereal in the house in clear in trips, especially upon arriving at grandma’s house for a visit when, right after the hugs of hello, she tells my little sister that she bought her a box of cheerios.

When I started getting allowance as a kid and a pre-teen, I would buy cereal (and chocolate bars ;)) to eat. Come to think of it, food was (and is) what I spend a lot of my personal money on! Fast forwarding to my present-self, however, and you will find a girl who has a goal to eat treading lightly on the earth– with means a general “no plastic” rule.

Cereal, you just got killed.

I am still figuring out how to make homemade puffed rice (the popcorn maker incident isn’t one I care to remember), and air-popped popcorn makes a poor substitute. Hot cereal is great, but drowning a fluffy bowl of air in non-dairy milk has no comparison!

But you know what? I do not feel deprived. Yes, sometimes I get a cereal “craving” and feel frustrated looking at bloggers gorgeous photos of cereal and yogurt bowls, and wish I didn’t have the environmental ethics I do, but on the other hand, I love feeling like I am doing something to help the world.And sometimes, I break down and buy a box. No one is perfect.

I may not be out fishing garbage from the ocean, but by filling my garbage can a bit less, I contribute in a very real way.

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."
 --Mohammad Ali 

Besides, who need boxed cereal when you can make Angela’s cookie dough cereal to make your own? I used my puffed rice attempt as my cereal base, but you could also use dry oats!

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4 Responses to Cereal Killer

  1. Stefanie says:

    If you like millet, you can make puffed millet cereal. I know it is not the same as rice but it might help with the craving. 🙂


  2. That’s really admirable of you to stick by your values so much, and it’s great that you don’t feel deprived. You could always make your own granola and have that with some almond milk 🙂

  3. No cereal as a child?! Eeep! That was pretty much my favorite food for 10 years of my life! I have some good memories with it.
    I share your values about the environment, but I have a hard time living up to them because my family doesn’t really care about anything except pleasing their taste buds when it comes to food. Anyway, I really admire you for sticking to your values, even when it is hard. 🙂

  4. Ma Ma Megan says:

    I admire you so much for your values concerning the environment.
    Your cookie dough cereal looks fabulous 🙂

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