More Peace Walk Photos

Still got this crazy photographer/walker schedule, but Tuesday is when the peace walk ends (and when we march to the capitol in Michigan!). Here are some more photos I have taken for the walk!

(By the way: I am *hoping* to do a post for what types of quick ‘n’ go foods I’m eating on this type of shedule– would that be interesting to anyone?)

Click photos to view singly.

(Above: me, the photographer (having the camera turned on ME!) 😀)

(Disclaimer: I have not posted all peace walk photos nor have I noted the names of the photograph subjects to protect their identities. Anyone not associated with the walk (such as the young girl and man with the baby) have given me full permission to photograph them.)

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7 Responses to More Peace Walk Photos

  1. Maxwell says:

    Quick n’ go meals as you call them 🙂 would be great! I am always looking quick and easy meals and snacks during the school year! I love the pic of you and the sunflowers!

  2. lindayoga says:

    To be able to capture such beauty at this magic moment, is beyond description of my words. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

  3. Gorgeous pics! I love the one of the little girl 😀 And I’d love to hear about meals that can be eaten on the go. I tend to get lazy when it comes to packing meals and usually just opt for an AB banana sandwich. Delicious, but you can only eat so many of those before going a little wonky lol.

  4. Healthy Hot and Happy says:

    Quick n’ go meals would be great 😛 I’m lazy when it comes to cooking. Great photos. What you are doing is so great.

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