Recent Photographs

Have you all forgotten me? 😯

My peace-walk photographer schedule is crazy.

Though I was determined to walk every last mile to Lansing, the combined efforts of being on my feet most of the day and processing photos daily has been tuckering me out to no end! I have stayed home and to rest on the two days there were no events on the route (today being one of them). It’s not that the pace very tiring (in fact, it is much much slower than my customary power walking habit) but with other responsibilities, I can’t get much sleep– which is not helpful, considering I haven’t gotten enough sleep for months with our moving fiasco!

However, I have been having so much fun and truly feel the message of peace in my heart (sounds cheesy, but I feel more uplifted than in months!).Doing photography is making me happy, too.

Want to see a few photographs?(come aren’t related to the walk, and by no means is this all of them. See disclaimer below)

(Disclaimer: in the interest of privacy, I have posted only a small collection of photos pertaining to the peace walk itself. I have not posted any photos I feel would make the subject(s) or group feel like their privacy is being broached. Some don’t even pertain to the walk, but that I took just for fun).

Be back when I can next!

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4 Responses to Recent Photographs

  1. Maxwell says:

    Forget you! Psh, NO! In fact I have been eager to hear about your peace walk experience. Your photos are beautiful! I have to say I like the one of the ducklings best 🙂 Second favorite is the one of the old woman sitting on the grass. Your hard work looks like it is worth it 🙂

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