I Miss….

I miss…

The winds and sky that go on forever.

The rolling hills.

Run-down fences on creeks.

Being able to walk into the middle of nowhere and be by yourself.

Being able to take photos of said self with no-one looking!


This big city adjusting is going to take a lot longer than expected. Yesterday, I was riding my bike (I’ve given trying to find a real path and am just going along normal roads) and came across a little road of houses, with big yards and trees in the back, tucked away, with a little sign at the start of street that read “small farms”. They were so home-like, and must have been there before the rest of the city was built around it…. I almost started tearing up (actually, I did :oops:).


I can’t think of a question…. chat amongst yourselves?

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4 Responses to I Miss….

  1. Awww those pics are beautiful… I would miss a place like that too. Sorry to hear that it’s taking you some time to get adjusted to the big city, but just remember that it doesn’t have to be a forever kind of thing, and that the most important thing about home is to be with those that you love. It’ll get easier, just give it some time *hugs*

  2. Maxwell says:

    Don’t cry! 🙂 It is hard living in the city sometimes. I grew up in a city in the beautiful dessert land of California. We moved to the more beautiful Virginia. Close to classy D.C. but still nestled in the country. I fell in love with that place. Your fond memories kinda describe it, except it wasn’t dry, it was super humid. But I loved it! Then we moved again to the Chicago suburbs. Saying I was depressed about leaving Virginia is an understatement. I was crushed. I thrive on the beauty of nature and exploring all by myself. Chicago doesn’t allow me to do that. I sometimes feel like I am stuck and I want to run away to Virginia. But that is only sometimes. Other times, I think about all the friends I have made here and how I have grown as a person, all because I moved from my beloved Virginia. Someday you will be able to make your own move and maybe then you will see how the challenge of living where you are now, has helped you change and learn. Like learning how much you really love that place in your photos 🙂

  3. adaraj says:

    When we first moved in to our house, no one lived very close to us, and the property across the road was a large sod farm that stretched out until there was a tree covered river bank. Now after living there since I was five, people have put up a big fancy house across from ours.

    We still live in the country, but it just isn’t the same without that view…

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