Staying Cool In Summer

In every sense of the word 😉

But if you had to choose one aspect of coolness, staying hydrated would most certainly trump the desire to keep up your social image. I don’t know about you, but here in Michigan (and a lot of the mid-US) its seriously hot. Even with air conditioning on 24/7 it’s hovering just above 80 degrees in the house!

When it’s hot, you have to stay hydrated.

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not generally the best at drinking my water… in fact, my desire for water always seems to come with being hungry, or a few bites into a meal I’ll suddenly become thirsty. But when the summer heat comes on, I still want to stay active, and heat exhaustion is no fun. I have been making a conscious effort, and really found some habits that encourage me to drink up:

Tip #1: Drink up!

Keep water with you, and make it fun (or at least bearable) to drink.

I’ve heard about putting lemon slices in water– but I have found that it’s not really my cup of tea (speaking of which, iced tea is a good hydration too!). What really works for me is straws:

I would be using my Strawsome glass one, but I broke it! It dropped out of my water cup and broke :(. I need to request a new one.

I keep a quart jar of ice water on my desk in my bedroom, which prompts me to suck it up while on the computer. Just be careful not to spill it… I did that about five minutes ago.

Kombucha and iced tea are excellent liquids that have the added benefit of refreshing your senses! Although Kombucha kills my wallet, so water is it :mr green:

Tip #2: add water to your food

Drinking water with meals gets a bad rap, and sometimes I do overdo it (and end up feeling a tad too full due to the extra liquid), but it works for me most of the time. I disagree with the notion that our body can’t absorb the water well when ingested with food, but take that as you will. In any case, I try to get plenty of foods that have water in them, especially after exercising, when I walk in the door hungry.


Fruit! (great with nuts and nut butter)

And endless bowls of hot cereal! I eat my mush (that’s what we call it in my family) at least twice a day. More info below.

My ultimate secret weapon to keeping hydrated is hot cereal. It sounds rather counter intuitive, especially in summer, but you can pour it over ice cubes (or not) and my hot cereal uses plenty of water, which is cooked with ground grain to create a creamy bowl of goodness. Lately, my favorite variety of mush is millet (untoasted, ground in my manual four grinder).

Highly recommended: balancing out all these watery foods with copious amount of chocolate, peanut butter, and nuts. Especially if you are really active!

Fruit, mush, and salad can fill you up before you have had sufficient calories– not a good thing. Though you might feel full, your body may not be getting what it needs, and you suffer for it…. this is why I eat the watery sort of foods I love, but also keep up a unsweetened chocolate and nut butter habit as well! Avacodos, oils, roasted nuts, and coconut are also higher calorie balancers.

Tip #3: Carry a water bottle

When you’re exercising in the heat, carry a water bottle. It’s extremely easy to dehydrate and overheat in the sun, and being caught thirsty outside of the house is awful. I discovered this last week, when I was roller blading alongside my biking sister and, several blocks from home, started feeling nauseous, faint, and thirsty enough to dunk myself in a lake. I had no water bottle. By the time I arrived home, stumbling on my skates, I felt ready to puke, even though I was in fact getting hungry! My sister gave me a huge glass of ice water, I took a cold shower, and luckily felt better within an hour.

To avoid that situation, when I’m exercising outside of the house, I use my Kleen Kanteen thermos (I love my thermos!), filled with ice water, with the waterproof cap, in my mini backpack. I have two water cages on my bike as well.


How do you stay hydrated? Do you have trouble drinking water sometimes?

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6 Responses to Staying Cool In Summer

  1. I really liked this post! So interesting to read 🙂

    I typically put about two cups of water into my oat bran when I cook it in the morning. I eat it hot, so I probably have at least 4 cups of water while drinking it, too. I mix protein powder into the oats so it gets really thick and I need the water after a few bites.

    I’ve never tried millet, but I want to. Can you cook it in the microwave just how you would cook oatmeal?

  2. I want a glass straw!!! They look so cool! Would they help me drink more? I don’t know. I drink AT LEAST 8 cups of water a day, but I am supposed to drink more, according to my doctor, because my blood pressure is low. A lovely straw might be just the thing for me to get a glass or two more in my system 🙂 My Kleen Kanteen might get jealous though : P

    Glad you didn’t throw up after your skating session, THAT would only dehydrate you more! And who likes throwing up?!
    Not. me.

  3. I’m actually pretty good when it comes to staying hydrated because I used to suffer from really bad dehydration and remember how crappy it felt, so I kind of make sure to avoid it. I always carry a water bottle, add lemon slices to my water, eat lots of fruit, and make sure not to skimp on the salt. Sodium regulate fluid levels in the body, and not having enough can actually lead to dehydration. I found that out the hard way… I used to avoid salt, and found that I was constantly thirsty. As soon as I started eating more of it, I didn’t feel so parched all the time. Sounds completely counter-intuitive, but it’s true.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hah i have no problem drinking water. I have my klean kanteen beside me all day long and can’t function without it. No, literally, I’d die without it. It’s my baby.
    Apparently you’re not supposed to drink liquids with or shortly after consuming your food, especially cold liquids, because it halts digestion and messes with your digestive juices. I don’t always follow that but I try to (same with most other rules of food combining) because I don’t want to risk it. If I’m gonna take time chewing my food, I want it to digest properly.

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