Big Dilemmas and Swimming Through Air

I’m a dry type of girl (and I’m not referring to wine, here). I come from a very dry climate– where I had to carry a lotion bottle everywhere I went and if I didn’t, my hands would dry up like prunes (mmmm, prunes) and bleed if I didn’t lather it on ten times a day. It was as necessary as eating peanut butter by the spoonful ;).Β 

And then I moved to Michigan. (For the record, I still eat spoon pb).

The post should end there– but I’ll keep going for chatting’s sake. Basically, I don’t use lotion anymore! (Wow this is a lame post). Currently the outdoors is about 30% percent away from swimming…. my bike ride this morning was more like water skiing, but I was desperate after being cooped up almost all day yesterday, due to the heat, humidity, rain, and thunderstorms.

I figure now I live in the Detroit metro area, I ought to get my gangster on. See those (nonexistent) biceps? Great for punching, no?

Speaking of yesterday… I had a dilemma (it was a big dilemma, get ready! ;)). I mean, when it’s hot you eat salad (right?) and when it’s raining, you eat soup (right?), but what do you do when it’s raining and hot and you are almost in a an ocean.

Don’t say seafood. I’m vegan. πŸ‘Ώ

I did manage to figure it out in the end though: southern food!. Never mind that I’ve never been to the southern united states, but I figured they are hot and humid and must get rainy thunderstorms…. so I volunteered to cook dinner!

Round one… I went back for a couple more corn cakes with molasses and beans :D. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was at the start of the meal!

On the menu: steamed collards greens, stove top baked beans, mashed sweet potatoes (with tomato), and corn pancake things– I drenched mine in molasses! I really love molasses.…. I kept re-applying it every other bite!

After dinner the heat (but not the humidity) had ebbed enough to go to the park with my sister. We found a cool wooden play park! And there’s nothing like leaving the house to make you thankful for air conditioning.

While we wade (literally) out this wet heat wave, I will continue to wear my new (and by new I mean yard sale) sleeping shorts:

They make me think of being cold (fake it till you make it, right?), and of times when I thought having cold hands and feet was actually a problem.


What is the weather like where you are? (Wow, what a boring thing to talk about). But seriously people, global warming is really messing with us! I have been checking the weather for my hometown, and they are still having 60 degree weather.

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8 Responses to Big Dilemmas and Swimming Through Air

  1. Maxwell says:

    While you were water skiing, I was swimming through the air, whilst on my run. So much fun! *insert sarcasm here* Chicago feels like it is in a tea kettle right now. I would be loving your hometown though! 60 degrees sounds. like. heaven.

    By the way, talking about weather = fun way to pass time. πŸ˜› Especially if you get to talking about the barometric pressure and humidity index and cloud formations, but that might be too much for some people πŸ™‚

    • VEGirl says:

      Yeah, now you can talk about humidity index, barometric pressure, and cloud formalizations (ok, I’m lost…. ;)) to scare everyone off. As if telling people I have pet rats weren’t enough.

      • Maxwell says:

        Haha, I like your rats! They are so cute! Plus it isn’t as bad as my fave animal. Snakes! Oh everyone loves them πŸ˜› I would have pictures of them to scare people off, but I am not allowed to keep any. I am jealous of your rats πŸ™‚

  2. Stephanie says:

    Yesterday it was craaazy hot and humid (which isn’t actually that hot or humid but relative to what it’s usually like, it was hot and humid) but today it’s kind of cooled down. The sky was gorgey and blue this morning but now it’s getting cloudy and gray. Boo 😦

  3. Our weather is being bipolar. It’s cold and rainy for 2 weeks, then insanely hot. And now we’re having hot afternoons and crazy thunderstorms in the evening. I live in a place where the weather is usually a lot more stable, so this is really weird and I’m not used to it. The one thing I’m thankful for, though, is that it’s relatively dry here because I cannot handle humidity.

  4. Mandiee says:

    first of all, when did you move to the detroit-metro area, girlie?! how did i miss this? i live in the suburbs, too. can you say blog meet up? the humidity is a huge problem here, but you get used to it eventually. i can’t imagine heat without humidity!

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