“All the proof of a pudding is in the eating”

Did you know that is the long, and original, version of the common (and mind-messing) saying of “The proof is in the pudding”?

If you feel like avoiding something, go ahead and read this article about the saying ;). Basically, in the “old” days, pudding was savory and could possibly have funky stuff growing in it, as it had to sit for a long time to develop and was made with many unpleasant animal entrails and unmentionables. So the proof that the pudding isn’t fatal was eating <— reminds me of how penguins push one off the ledge before jumping off themselves to determine any danger.

But I digress. That was simply a very round-about way to start talking about my pudding (which, funnily enough, doesn’t  have any animal stomachs) (Although it end up in my stomach.)

Oh, I am just full of jokes today. Are you laughing yet? :lol:?

In short, I have been loving the stuff lately (and have been stuffing it down sometimes, too. Poor tummy :(). I have figured out a couple of variables and a tweak to the recipe, which you can see on the original recipe page.

…..But if you absolutely don’t want to visit that link (links can be exhausting, no?) I’ll update you here, too!

Optional recipe modifications:

If you add guar gum to the recipe when you are blending all the ingredients, it makes it a more “pudding-y” consistent-y (hehe, punn-y) while hot. I’ll definitely be employing this technique when winter strikes.

For average tastespuds, an additional three tablespoons of sugar will make the sweetness more on par to the norm they are used to.

Variation #1:

I love my unsweetened chocolate– my latest method for deep bitter bliss has been: a 1/3 cup cocoa powder then a square of 100% cocoa bakers chocolate to blend into the other ingredients. Mmmmm….

My attempt at rationing the pudding into small jars didn’t work. I just ate two and then demolished the bowl of it. Oops…!

Variation #2:

Use coffee in place of half the water when cooking the blended rice. You end up with mocha pudding! (You can thank me later :mrgreen:). Layer it with peanut butter after chilling and you’ll be in coffee, chocolate, and peanut butter heaven.

Oh yeah. That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout baby.

What is your favorite flavor(s) to pair with chocolate?

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4 Responses to “All the proof of a pudding is in the eating”

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  2. Haha I use that pudding saying occasionally, but I had no idea where it came from. Interesting stuff – I’m a fan of random tidbits of information 😀 And I’m also a biiiiiig fan of pudding… and chocolate… I’m actually snacking on some chocolate pudding right now, and I topped it with almond butter… which is probably one of my favorite things to pair with chocolate… almond butter 😀

  3. Stephanie says:

    Mint is definitely my fave combo with chocolate. Or strawberry. Actually, does anything NOT work with chocolate? I feel like even garlic might work if the chocolate was dark enough.
    I’m totally with you on the failed rationing thing. I’ve done that sooo many times with raw balls (there has to be a better name… 😉 ). The only thing it works with is kale salad, but that’s probably because the balls are so little and my kale salads are so big. If the salads were as small as the balls and the balls were as big as my salads (oh lordy, that sounds horrible) then it would be a different story.

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