A More Local and Sustainable Breakfast

Pancakes are on the top of my favorite foods list. I have created too many pancakes (some measured, some not) to count. At the same time, my newest goal is to make my food as sustainable and cost-effective as possible!

We’ve heard it all before– shopping local, being sustainable… but what does all that truly mean? And how far can you take it?

Is being vegan where you stop? What about buying from the farmers market? Do you end it at grinding your own flour? Do you stop using the oven or stove altogether? These are questions every person desiring a more environmentally-friendly approach to cooking will have to consider for themselves.

I don’t think I’ll be flipping my pancakes on sun-heated rocks anytime soon, but I have given my pancake addiction a thought. I’ve ground my own flour in a spice grinder, but lately I’ve wanted to take it further (further than today, too).

Truth be told, the idea of treading lightly on the earth (and perhaps stomping on it with education) has really taken hold of me. I have gotten rid of a lot of my stuff, instead opting to live more simply. I want to eat simple foods, and educate others. Being 15 though, I have to wait a few more years to fully embrace a minimalist lifestyle, but I can do what I can for now while living at home (this article really hit home).

I’m getting off topic though….

To add to our pancakes, my sister and I channeled our inner gatherers by hunting for mullberries! Mullberries are a sweet and juicy berry that looks rather like a blackberry, with each berry dangling from a stem off the tree. I had never had one until moving here to Michigan– they are so tasty!

We took our containers around the neighborhood and picked off the branches overhanging from peoples yard. We figured it wasn’t stealing (?)… they were all just falling to the ground anyway.

We came home with stained hands, a couple containers of sweetness, and a big appetite (I also looked like I got punched in the head when a berry splattered on my forehead :P).

I snacked on fruit and pancake bits while I cooked. I was in the the mood for whole-grain pancakes today, so I ground up my own buckwheat flour. Since I had previously bruned out out other spice grinders :OOPS: I pulled out the manual flour grinder.

I vow to always use this manual grinder from this day forward. You get a workout, no electricity is involved, and the tastiest flour yields!

Sample platingI ate way more than this!

Pancake success (also very tasty with peanut butter and unsweetened chocolate)! And by grinding my own flour and collecting the berries myself, I made the freshest and tastiest breakfast in a more eco-friendly fashion.

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6 Responses to A More Local and Sustainable Breakfast

  1. Oh wow, girl, this is actually pretty awesome and it makes me feel bad for being so lazy when it comes to prepping my own food lol. I can only imagine how must better and more satisfying a meal must taste when you put so much effort into it. It’s something I’ve always been interested in, but other stuff in life keeps getting in the way šŸ˜¦

  2. Stephanie says:

    Aw man, I wish I was as eco-conscious as you when I was fifteen. I was still eating crap (i.e., meat, processed food, non-organic produce… oye) at that time, but I think I was starting to become more conscious. It still took a year before I made really any change, though šŸ˜€ I need to get a man-powered flour grinder. You can juice wheatgrass with them too, right?

  3. Caroline says:

    You are an inspiration! I enjoy all your posts but have only just now commented. I don’t live my ideal life yet, and am much older than you but your commitment inspires me, as does your maturity and insightfulness. Thank you for living true to yourself and for sharing with the world. I will continue to read and enjoy your posts!

    • VEGirl says:

      Wow Caroline! Thank you so much– your comment really made my day! I wish you the best on your journey to living your best life šŸ™‚

  4. I’ve never seen blackberries quite like these before! Gotta love the small variations in local, wild varieties… The wild blackberries in my area are all quite bitter, but the raspberries are another story entirely… Can’t wait to start hunting for them!

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