Moving Sadness

Moving sucks.

I was half-way through writing yesterday’s post before I threw in the towel. I was just getting really down, and was started to be incapacitated by sadness of moving.

I was feeling pretty gung-ho for the first few days of being in our suburb of Detroit; the big city, the big oppurtunities, the big change.

But yesterday– I hit a wall.

Who cares if there is cool vegan cafes?

Who cares if I’ll be able to find new opportunities?

Who cares if there is a natural food store is a mile from my new house?


I wanted to go back where it was familiar; where I didn’t get lost trying to go to the grocery store, had volunteer obligations, and friends. I didn’t have a bazillion friends in the first place, and leaving the close friends I had is difficult. It doesn’t help that I’m not too great at the “ice-breaking” part of friend making.

After liberal amounts of crying at my losses (TMI? Sowwie), I decided to opt out of errand running with the rest of my family and stay home.

I turned on the radio. I love news stations :).

Created in the kitchen. 

Oh, and downed two iced hot cocoas, one homemade mocha, and an iced peppermint tea.

All made at home. All served in my favorite mug :D.

I even talked to some of the folks at the science center back home!

By the end of the day, I was still slightly sad, but felt much better overall.

Now I’m once again ready to dive head-first into my recipe creating, rat adventures, and new restaurant exploring (because all the vegan cafes and eateries here in the area need me).


Are you good at making friends? I’m not a big party goer but I can hold up a conversation and can be perfectly social when I want to be (problem is I don’t always want to ;)). It’s the introductory part that hinders me when it comes to making new friends!

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7 Responses to Moving Sadness

  1. A Tablespoon of Liz says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and hope you continue to feel even greater! Moving does suck, (I recently moved) but it can also be great. I’m not the best at making friends right off the bat, but once I make a few, I’m much more comfortable meeting other new people. It’s hard during the summer too, because you’re not in school, so you don’t see people every day like you would during the year.

  2. Sorry you’re having a rough time of the move. I get your sadness and missing. The good part is having the opportunity to reinvent yourself somewhere new. Will send some wishes out there for you.

  3. Awwwr girl I’m sorry that you’re feeling a bit homesick, but just give it some time and soon this new place will start to feel like home… You just have to get used to it and get to know it better, and then everything will feel more comfortable and not so overwhelming.

    I’m kind of the same way as you when it comes to making friends… I can do it and be all social, but I’m not always feeling it. I’m pretty introverted and comfortable with being alone, so sometimes it takes a lot of effort to reach out to others.

  4. IM SO Sorry u are feeling this way.. i promise you, you will settle in and things wil be okay! u gotta reach out and try to make a new life there!

  5. Karine says:

    I wish you will feel comfortable and “at home” soon! I also wish I could make that nice people talk to you and make it easier for you. (I completely understand your “difficulties”, for me it’s exactly the same! Social, but not always… People tend to think that we’re snob, don’t they? They don’t see that we’re just shy…)
    But don’t worry, you’re probably very interesting for people, simply by the fact that you’re “new”, that you know other places, people, life… Add to this the fact that you’re nice and has many interests, and here we go! 😉

  6. Stephanie says:

    Agh I feel like I’m horrible at making friends. I really don’t even know how I made all the friends I have today. I think it was more like, they approached me instead of the other way around. I tend to get really nervous and awkward around new people. Not all the time, but most of the time. I think I’m starting to get better at it, but I could totally be delusional. Idk why but I feel like moving somewhere totally different would make it easier for me to make friends, because then I’d be pretty much forced to do so and no one would know how awkward I usually am.
    Also I love your mug.

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