Fourth of July Recap

Happy fifth of July!

Oh, wait. It’s only a Tuesday.

Fourth of July over= all the stores will open up again. I love when normal Mondays roll around for that very reason– Sundays just sort of…. drag (I always want to go somewhere but nothing is open!).

This week, it’s a “yay” for Tuesday! My little sister and I have plans to get a library card today…. and check out a cupcake shop I spied  (I have my priorities people. Hopefully they’ll have something vegan!).


How did your Independence Day celebrations go?

My dad’s new coworker invited us to a Fourth of July dinner– which was great considering that we had nothing in our new house with which to grill (let alone an actual BBQ).

When we arrived, I spied a super-ripe black plum on the appetizer table, which I snapped up and ate with relish!  Black plums are so nostalgic for me– they remind me of when my mom would buy us one each to eat in the car on the way home from the store :).

Some fantastic food came off the grill, and I served up:

Corn on the cob, half a veggie burger (Dr. Preggers I think– super yummy! There were lots of veggie chunks), and a garden salad with a yummy dressing that had things like raspberry vinegar, balsamic, and olive oil.

After dinner I brought out the dessert I made– peanut crusted chocolate-covered frozen bananas, with a sprinkle of sea salt!

Clearly the dog really wanted some.

Then we walked to watch the fireworks show! Once we got home I was hungry again, so I had a little plate of food. Then it was lights out at midnight– and I certainly wouldn’t have made it that late if I hadn’t taken a cat nap before dinner! I’m an early riser…. and despite my late bedtime I still woke up a 6:30 am this morning (about an hour late for me).


I have over half the kitchen stuff unpacked (my mom let me do the honors :D), so I’ll be able to get back to my mad-scientist recipe creations very soon. I miss recipe posts!

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2 Responses to Fourth of July Recap

  1. YUMMY EATS! !i dont blame the dog ;P

  2. Grilled corn and chocolate-covered bananas! Looooove. I’m glad that you had an awesome 4th 😀 And I’m the same with with early rising… no matter what time I go to bed, I’m always out before 6.

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