Interracial Squirrels and Exploring my New Home

I’m back!

I took a little hiatus from blog responsibilities– moving into our new home here in the Detroit metro area has been such a whirlwind and, though it was wrought with a lot of stress ad crankiness on my part, I feel like it could all work out. I have all my possessions back (we finished unloading the truck yesterday) and I have been exploring the surrounding area on my bike (we are in the suburbs so it’s perfectly safe. And everyone  is so nice here!).

I saw my first Detroit squirrel, too! There are many varied colors of the little guys, just as the population here. Interracial squirrels, as my dad’s new colleague calls them!

So cute! There were only tan ones in my part of Washington.

There are at least five natural foods markets (one is a farmers market I’m going to check out tomorrow) all within 3 miles of my house. How awesome is that? I used the have to ride ten miles to get to one, and now they are practically right outside my front door!

The produce here is much cheaper. Greens and lettuce are sold by the pound in my newest favorite market!

Happy Fourth of July!

And happy Monday to all those outside the US.

My family was invited to an Independence Day party by one of my dad’s new coworkers. I made peanut crusted chocolate-covered frozen bananas with a sprinkle of sea salt to take as a dessert. I am also wearing a patriotic outfit ;)!

But tomorrow I’ll recap all of that! For now I have to go comment on all the blogs I’ve been neglecting… we got our internet (wifi!) installed yesterday and it’s nice to be connected and blogging again :).


Any plans or Fourth of July? Normally my family and I just make up a nice vegetarian BBQ complete with salads and watermelon, while my sister and I play with sparklers. Then we set off our own before settling down to watch the fireworks show. This year we’ll be spending it with others, though!

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One Response to Interracial Squirrels and Exploring my New Home

  1. welcome to your new home…moving is such hard work. I have moved soooo many times the past 10 years. It’s the hardest chore, every single time!

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