Moving to Michigan: Day 1 recap


Yesterday was extreme! After I published my two picture post yesterday with my farewell, using free wifi a couple blocks form our house (ours was pulled the day before :/), I returned ‘home’. I put it in quotation marks because it is a house your home is it’s completely empty and all your possessions are packed in the car and a Uhual?

Completely packed.

Yup, that would be right! I do not kid when I say the only room in these vehicles is the places where your butt rests— there is stuff crammed behind the seats in the moving truck, under the seats in the car, and in and around the animals carriers/cages in the back, and at your feet.  Completely packed.

Family and friends came to see us off, and I won’t lie and say I didn’t cry. My eyes poured and I sobbed…. everyone I know was going to be left behind. I had to leave the place that I have lived at since I was seven years old– it’s a big deal!

It was a lot of driving, but nothing too bad– until we missed the exit for our camp site. There was nowhere to turn around on this freeway for a LONG time, so we just drove another hour or more to a new town to check into a motel. By the time I finally was in bed and asleep, it was 12:30 am mountain time. Ouch! But at least we went a full 450 miles yesterday….we are now approximately in the middle of Montana!

Despite this late bed time, I was still up at 6:30 am (5:30 AM to me, my normal time). I fed the pets (quite a feat consider the fact that I couldn’t pull the bikes off the rack, and the tightness of the packing, I had to be clever to get the veggies and food into the cages!), and I’m sitting in the breakfast room, having just polished off a free apple and some almond milk poured in my klean kanteen from the cooler in the car. I just made a pistachio butter sandwich to eat, as well. None of my family is up yet!

Today I think we are going to try and get ten hours of driving in, because my mom wants maximum time at the Black Hills and to see Mount Rushmore.


Today’s Question:

Have you ever been to the Black Hills or Mount Rushmore? I can’t say I’m super excited– only intrigued ;). I sort of just want to get to Michigan NOW.

ps: This wifi is super slow and so I couldn’t upload any pictures. Soon though!

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One Response to Moving to Michigan: Day 1 recap

  1. I must have missed it, where in Michigan are you moving?

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