WIAW 6/22

Happy WIAW!

Let’s just jump in, eh?

After having been sick the night before (all these eats are from Tuesday), I took it easy on my morning snack. My childhood sick food favorite made a return– applesauce!

Applesauce with cinnamon and flax meal (all the omega seeds have been taking a beating lately, but I adore ground flax!).

Also, see the mug in the background? That was a nice cup of almond breeze almond milk. I’m obsessed with the thickness and taste– I think I drank about 5 cups of it for this WIAW!

A bowl of popcorn (air-popped) munched while I lounged before breakfast while reading :D.


Hot cream of rice, with a square of unsweetened chocolate, raw almonds, peanut butter, flax meal, almond milk, and cinnamon. I also had about 25 picking spoonfuls:

I often grab a couple bites (or 30) from the pot after a meal!

[Insert two hours of tedious bathroom cleaning here. Our moving date is this Sunday, and we have to scrub the house sparkly. My least favorite part of moving.]

Early Lunch

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with pine nuts inside (I got them for a birthday about two years ago…). Alongside some crudely cut raw zucchini and carrot sticks. I love raw zucchini :),

Afternoon snacks

Unsweetened chocolate with my Klean Kanteen of almond milk.

A brown rice tortilla with a few leftover carrot sticks from lunch.

The above tortilla was munched on during a long leisurely deep-thinking walk on the railroad tracks (which are traced all over where I live, and seldom used). I brought my camera on along, and had a blast listening to my ipod (Harry Potter audiobook!)!


Vegan bean chili with mom’s fresh GF bread. Not pictured: small glass almond milk, nib unsweetened chocolate.

Nighttime Snack!

A BIG bowl of air-popped popcorn and a big square (not the one pictured) of unsweetened chocolate. All munched on while watching a show I found while sick the other day– Masterchef! I love watching all the cooking (and the drama, while tiresome at times, is slightly amusing :)).

I feel slightly silly saying I found a reality tv show I like after my post yesterday— but no shame! None of us are perfect….

Speaking of “not perfect”, I haven’t been having lotsa salads and veggies lately– our garden is barely doing anything! This is the first time we have had three or four nice days in a row all year– and store-bought broccoli and carrot don’t last my mom and I very long :(. But none of us are perfect…

And with that, what is your favorite tv show? I also really like America’s Next Top Model. Tyra is awesome!

Favorite summer food(s)? Apricots. Yum.

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10 Responses to WIAW 6/22

  1. Another ANTM fan! Yess! And your PB&J looks so good (as does that chili). My favorite summer food is REAL FRESH tomatoes. There is just no way to get a good tomato in the winter.

  2. okay ive seen brown rice tortillas on a million blogs I MUST try them they look delicious!

  3. Ashley says:

    Yum – dark chocolate 🙂

  4. my friend is on masterchef! i havent seen it yet though and totally need to – Christine is her name. =)

    Happy WIAW! Hope you feel better soon and good luck with the move!!!! =)

  5. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE PINE NUTS. So freaking expensive but they’re the greatest thing ever, especially on kale salads. Like omg. So good!
    I can’t choose just one fave TV shows. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, but I do watch most of my shows religiously. I ❤ MythBusters, Gossip Girl (Blair + Chuck forever), Glee, Parks and Rec (SO GOOD!), 30 Rock (ALSO SO GOOD), and The Office (guess what I'm gonna say about that – SO GOOD!)
    My fave summer food would have to be strawberries. Or corn on the cob. Or fresh peas. Or heirloom tomatoes. Or any fresh fruit/veggie, because they most of them taste better in the summer. Exceptions: broccoli and kale. I miss broccoli and kale season. I mean, I still eat them now but they're just soo much better in the winter/early spring.

  6. Oh, oh! I’m SO all over all of your eats today! Popcorn? Chocolate? Nut butter and jam? Mmmm yes please! My favorite summer fruit at the moment is probably cantaloupe – completely obsessed…. I could probably eat a whole melon a day.

    And I love ANTM. Totally agree that Tyra is awsesome, and I love watching the photoshoots.

  7. I’m kiiind of obsessed with 16 and pregnant. Hahaha judge me if you will!

    I like to get salads from the salad bar at work, so that’s an easy way to get in my veggies!

  8. I love summer fruit! I especially like the plums that grow on the tree in my backyard. Apricots are delicious too, and pluots!

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