It’s Another One of THOSE Posts

It’s another one of those days.

Ya know, one of those days when I don’t feel like posting.

One of those days when I feel like I can only concentrate on my huge desire to ride my bike to the health food store.

Which, incidentally, is about 10 miles away. 20 miles round-trip.

Interestedly, it also looks like it’s about to rain. Oh, did I mention the raging wind?

So Vinny’s picture will have to do as I stupidly brave this weather out of my desire to get a few interesting foods (that you’ll no doubt hear of later)!



Hehe, writing that reminds me of when I was a kid! Did we all have funny things we said as toddlers? I said movies as “boovies”. And my little sister always waved goodbye to her, um, excretions as it flushed down the toilet. And she’s probably going to kill me for saying that :).


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3 Responses to It’s Another One of THOSE Posts

  1. Stephanie says:

    Braving the weather to get food is totally worth it.
    I couldn’t pronounce squirrel when I was younger. It was more like “sku-url.” Cool kid, right? Right up there with “boovies.” 😉

  2. Good luck on your excursion! I could never pronounce film when I was little. It either came out as “phlegm” or “fume”! Lol

  3. i’ve been having “one of those weekends”….bloggers block maybe?! Your yard sale looks immense!

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