I’m (Also) Not Wearing Make-up

A resounding ‘wow‘ to Katie, on her very inspirational and discussion sparking post about makeup in our society.

I am rather anxious about posting this– I don’t always feel comfortable opening up about my insecurities or posting photos of myself. But it’s an important message.

I’m not wearing makeup! I couldn’t decide between hair-up or hair-down, so I compromised by showing both 😛

(For the record, I haven’t used any photoshop applications on these photos– not even color, brightening, etc. This is the raw photo from my camera!)

There are many pressure and “shoulds” for teens transitioning to adulthood. Not being in school anymore, I don’t know that I feel the full effects of advertisements and peers. But I certainly feel pressured anyway! There are the ads everywhere bombarding us with demands to buy expensive clothe brands, wear makeup, love high heels, do our hair “sexy”, and change our body via surgery.

When I was about 12 I wore mascara, blush, eyeliner, etc. every day… but it only lasted about a month. The only other time that I would wear makeup was when I was five or six– does anyone else remember spending meager allowance on lip gloss? Ah, the good old days!

Today, I feel it as too much of a hassle– and I would much rather be able to rub my eyes! Actually, wearing makeup, in my opinion, is the only drawback of my love of acting in theater!

Today I am fifteen. I am very happy with my regular decision not to wear makeup– I like my skin, easily tanned by the sun. For the most part, I like my face exactly the way it is– though I have agonized over my “too round” face or the white-heads on my nose. Nowadays, I completely ignore the piercings on my ears, and jewelry may as well be a foreign language. I think I own three necklaces and about seven pairs of earrings– nothing compared to the treasure trove many women own!

Though I have come (mostly) to grips with my face and non-feminine practices, I have other insecurities– about my body, as many of us do, even the ones with the “perfect” bod!

At this point in my life, I feel like I’m closer to true self-acceptance than ever. Lately I have found things that I love about my body– I like my arms, wrists, hands. I adore my hair– so easily tamed and managed. I love my big feet (I wear a size 10-10 1/2), even though society tells us large ones are not desirable.

I hate being made to feel ugly, and just because I don’t wear makeup, don’t have a flat stomach, or despise shoe-shopping (*gag*), does not mean I’m not a girl.


What is part of your appearance or body that you like in spite of our societies messages?

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7 Responses to I’m (Also) Not Wearing Make-up

  1. Jennifer says:

    I never wear make-up, either…
    and you don’t need it!
    YOU have a natural beauty anyway!

    Choose Happiness & Success!

  2. Molly says:

    Thank you for this! I love my collar bones, which make me feel elegant when exposed, my behind, because it finally fills out my jeans and makes me feel attractive, and my feet, which have put up with many years of ballet dancing. I, too, am coming to terms with my face, if not slowly.

  3. u look FAB!!!!!!! i love my butt!

  4. I totally agree! I’m also a 15 year old vegan and I think everyone lets looks get to them way to much. Everyone is always trying to look like some star and it doesn’t work. I get told by alot of people that I’m cute or adorable or whatever and how can I be like that, I just think its because these so few people out there (even less teenage girls) that are fine with who they are and what they naturally look like. That look is just something people don’t see a whole lot of so when they do its different and alot of people like that, I mean really is hair thats burnt to a crisp and fake tanned skin really that pretty? I’m 5’1” (I hate shoes with heels) pale skin (I wear SPF 100 sunscreen and glow in light or else I get sun burn) short choppy red hair that i never do, so I’m nothing like how most girls try to look, but yet I get told I’m cute by random strangers? I’m thinkin’ fake isn’t the way to go. And btw you look great! And I love my wrist and shoulders.

  5. chocolate-katie says:

    Oh girl, this post was beautiful (as are you, btw). You really have a gift for writing!!!

  6. You look gorgeous, girl! You don’t need any makeup! I don’t wear much on a daily basis, and never when I’m just lounging around the house, but I do like to have fun with it once in a while. For the longest time, I thought about becoming a makeup artist just because I had such a fun time with it… You can really get creative and it’s like another form of art. But I don’t think people need it to be beautiful at all.

    As for what I love about myself… probably my freckles and ivory skin. I used to hate being so pale and couldn’t wait till summer came so I could get a tan, but now I rather like my fair skin.

  7. …and you look beautiful 🙂 it’s so refreshing to hear your point of view and your confidence in not wearing makeup.
    as for what i love about myself…hair, maybe? sometimes? haha. or my legs. not because they’re “nice legs” (they’re actually day-glo pale) but because they are strong and let me run and ride my horse 🙂

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