Rats Need Treats, too!

When I make food, it always get shared with the rats. In fact, they eat a diet completely comprised of the whole food vegan meals my family eats, with a couple of vitamin supplements (B12 and vitamin D)!

Apparently they also like eating my fingers…

In addition to the healthy stuff, the ratties always get some treats when we eat them– cake, a nib of cookie, etc. Just as with humans, an integral part of living is treats.

I love watching them indulge, seeing how they enjoy their rat-sized-serving of cake without guilt: they know how to enjoy life to the fullest! There is none of the stigma or pressures of eating for rats; they just live and don’t have a problem eating whatever they feel like! Inspiring.

Some treats that have gotten rat approval:

Vinny thought my birthday cake was pretty hot.

The adapted Babycakes Wonderbun was well loved as well.

All three rats (and all four members of my family) loved Hannah’s Cookie Dough Cheesecake. 

[And no, they did not get that whole slice. That was just to show how it looked!]

They thoroughly enjoy licking up the leftover pudding bowl bits.  🙂

Last week’s gluten-free rhubarb strawberry muffins were a huge (healthy!) hit.

And with all these treats…

.It’s a good thing Twiggy and Robin enjoy greens– to counteract those treats! Unfortunately, they haven’t rubbed off on Vinny yet.


What are your favorite treats?
Do you think my rats would enjoy them?
Does your pet enjoy treats?

So many questions! You don’t have to answer them all.

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6 Responses to Rats Need Treats, too!

  1. Ha, I never knew rats had such sweet tooth’s! Too cute!

  2. Aww that’s the cutest thing! I remember when we had a bunny, I’d often make him all these fancy gourmet meals and treats from the stuff I ate. I don’t do it so much with my dog, though, because I’m not all that sure that sugar and sweets are good for dogs…. she’s a bigger fan of meat and cheese type things 😉

    As for my favorite treat? That’s a tough one. Maybe ice cream now since it’s summer time.

  3. Karine says:

    Aww, your rats are so cute! 😀 I almost see them moving in the pictures…

    My cat rarely gets treats… but he LOVES bananas and melon. 😀 (Good boy.) He would do anything for a piece of these…

  4. Stephanie says:

    AH THEY’RE TOO CUTE. I don’t ever give my cats human treats but I give them kitty treats and catnip 😀

  5. C.K. says:

    My rats LOVED cheerios! Just shaking a container with cheerios in it made my ratties come running! They loved all kinds of fruis and veggies, scrambled eggs, cereal – all kinds of things. My hubby liked giving them whipped cream to watch their whiskers get all messy. 🙂 We gave them food in small quanities and rarely gave them sugary stuff. And some of them couldn’t have too much protein, due to their skin conditions . . . but I digress.

    I jus LOVE talking rats! YAY! Your pictures are awesome – so cute! Thanks for sharing!

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