What I Ate Wednesday… June 15th!

It’s What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday!


Big bowl of hot cereal (cream of kasha) with a square of unsweetened chocolate. I snacked on a few toasted almonds while I prepared this 🙂


Gluten-free pancakes (I’ve really hit on a good recipe! I may post it soon. My little sister likened them to normal gluten pancakes!). I topped them with home-spiced sunflower seed butter and pistachio butter. I also ate the last misshaped pancake, to top off my tank!


A cream of kasha (I LOOOVE hot cereal :)) and pumpkin Lummus parfait, and a bowl with the overflow hot cereal, steamed veggies, and avocado.


Homemade corn tortillas with peanut butter and home-canned pumpkin (mixed with stevia and nutmeg), and raisins and toasted almonds. Still hungry, I prepared myself a pb&j corn tortilla sandwich.


One pitifully small veggie/rice (homemade) corn tortilla wrap with toppings, and a few toasted almonds. I had been starting to get a headache; I  often got chronic headaches when I was younger, that were so bad that I would feel nauseous– and if there was too much food in the tum it would all come up. TMI? Anyway, even with this small amount of food, I felt sick. I turned into bed right after this (at 7) and tried to fall asleep. Fortunately, I did pretty quick because it was an exhausting day!

Why exhausting? Well, I made two separate hour-long trips out into the neighborhood to deliver some newspapers– I am subbing for a friend on her once-a-week route. THEn I had to drop something off at the science center, where I biked to. THEN I had to bike/walk to an appointment. Once I got back, I was tired (and hungry, hence my big ole snack!), and then the headache came on :(.

But I feel better now, so all is right in the world!


Do you ever get headaches? What do you do when you get them?

I have to stop whatever I’m doing and lay in bed and try to sleep– seriously, otherwise it becomes extra unbearable. When I used to go to school, I would have to get through the day with a pounding, stabbing pain in my eyes and it would be SOOO awful!

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3 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday… June 15th!

  1. girl love ur eats!! ihate headaches! drink lots of water and take some pain killers!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I used to get major headaches when I still ate sugar but once I cut it out I don’t get them anymore. I can’t wait for that GF pancake recipe! I don’t have the patience to fool around with pancake recipes, so mine usually turn out not tasting like normal pancakes. I mean, they’re still good and totally edible, but they’re not the light, fluffy pancakes of my childhood.
    I’m jealous of your corn tortillas. I tried to make some a few nights ago and they were major fails. I think I need to get a tortilla press if I want to make my own.

    • VEGirl says:

      I don’t have a tortilla press– I just roll the tortillas between two pieces of plastic or parchment paper with a rolling pin. My first few are always misshapen, but you’ll get the hang of it!

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