What I Ate Wednesday: Home Alone Edition

Yippee, it’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday! Although, in this one I pictured eats from Tuesday.

I’m actually really proud of this WIAW, because I went a beyond my comfort zone. The other day I bought myself some treats (things I haven’t let myself have in ages) and used them for my food. I’m happy to say I enjoyed every. last. bite. And because my parents don’t get back until this weekend, and little sister is staying with a friend, I didn’t have to share :).

Morning Snack

Unsweetened soy yogurt with oats, homemade peanut butter, and slice of GF bread.


Popcorn (not air popped, as I usually do, but made in a pan. Hence the burnt-ness :)) and bitter chocolate pudding! It’s the same stuff as was in the pie in my last WIAW. I keep tweaking and re-testing it out– I want it to be perfect! And, well, I want to keep eating it, too.

[Confession: I went back and ate the rest of the half-batch of pudding– doused in soy yogurt– after I finished the pitiful above serving. Couldn’t they make those glasses just a bit bigger?)

ps: pudding recipe ought to go up soon. In a later post I’ll explain my procrastinating.

I went on a nice roller blading ride, did an errand,  then came home for….


Wow there’s a lot going on in that plate!

I attempted to make some nachos with the soy cheese I bought, but the cheese didn’t melt 😦 (I would’ve been better off buying some Daiya. That stuff melts like there is no tomorrow!). Since the chips were already on the toaster oven plate, I just heaped everything else on it, too, including black olives, pinto beans, steamed broccoli (with nooch), a couple homemade corn tortillas, toasted almonds, and MUSTARD! Followed by a little cup of soy yogurt with stevia and almonds.

After walking/biking to an appointment, I came home and did odds ‘n’ end stuff. Sure made me hungry for a…


GF bread with pesto (ahhh, it’s good to have pesto back into my life), with black olives and toasted almonds.


Soy yogurt with flax, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, stevia. Carrots and broccoli with toasted almonds, and a half quesadilia (half a brown rice tortilla with one slice soy cheese melted). Still hungry, I munched on bread with peanut butter and yogurt, then a masa (corn) bread I attempted to make, with peanut butter and pesto (mmmmm…. try this combination. It’s so yummy!)

I worked on computer stuff, played with rats, then went to bed!


Best thing on this page? It’s okay if you don’t like anything on it ;).

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5 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday: Home Alone Edition

  1. Yay for delicious WIAW’s! All your meals look tasty, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I’m gonna go with the pudding (can’t wait for the recipe!) or the nachos, because I’m a sucker for anything Mexican as long as salsa and avocado are involved 😀

  2. I LOVE your nachos!!! ahh i wnt nachos now!!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Your food looks sooo pretty. I like how you had popcorn and pudding for breakfast. 😀 I often make popcorn into a meal as well, usually with some greens and some fruit.

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