Hey, It’s ok….

I loved Megan’s “hey it’s ok” post last week, and decided I’d love to do one, too!

—On a quick note,  last week I mentioned that my parents would be looking for a place to live in (for when we move to Michigan in… now only two and a half weeks!) this week, and that my little sister is staying with friends. I get to stay home (by myself!), and I woke up this morning to the glorious feeling of nobody (with the exception of all my ratties, and the bunnies, degus, and cat. Other than that though? Totally nobody :)).

Food-wise, I bought myself some treats that I’ve not let myself eat in eons. I decided it was time to treat myself! (Megan, you totally had a hand in this!). I’ve already started to eat some today– It’s so delicious and LIBERATING. (You’ll see some in my WIAW post tomorrow.) I know I’ll have an awesome time the rest of this week!–

Anywho, without further ado (hey, it rhymes!):

Hey it’s ok…

…to prop the mirror that used to be on your wall in the living room and take pictures of yourself because you’re feeling good.  And because nobody’s around to give you funky looks.

…to take pretty photos of you snack pancakes with peanut butter

….then promptly rip them up and eat them like cereal with milk and flax seed.

….to find that your rat is better at yoga than you are.

….to eat chocolate pudding you made— as part of your breakfast.

….to take photos of your favorite jeans, after they’ve been chewed up at the crotch by your rats and are now unwearable.

Hey, wait… that’s NOT ok.


How about some of your “Hey, it’s ok” moments?

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4 Responses to Hey, It’s ok….

  1. Haha omigosh your poor jeans! I hate it when my dog chews up my stuff, which she thankfully doesn’t do much now that she’s older. And you know I’m all for eating pudding at breakfast 😉

    As for my moment? Hey, it’s okay to eat all the way around the blob of nut butter that you put in your oats so you can save the best for last 😀

  2. Stephanie says:

    Haha I cannot even begin to tell you how many articles of clothing my cats have ruined with their claws. Oh well.
    I need to have pancakes sometime soon. Dinner tomorrow sounds good. I’ll eat them like you too 🙂
    Your rat is totes adorable. It’s Vinny, right?
    Also chocolate pudding is totally an acceptable breakfast.

  3. Love this!! Your pancakes look awesome… such a good idea to eat them as “cereal”! I say Hey, it’s ok… to eat an entire avocado in one sitting 🙂 Yummmm

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