Cashew Kalamata Olive Kale

I was a slow one to come around to kalamata olives. It only about a month ago that I once again braved to have a taste, and thought– “hey, little sister was right, these are good”.

Maybe I was just craving salt at that moment, but I decided I liked them.

Since that fateful moment (yup, I’m full of dramatics) I found they were tasty with a side of nuts and carrots (great snack), and it was only a matter of time before I tried to spif up my veggies. Behold: kalamata olives and cashews… in kale!

Confession time:

For a looooong time, I thought I had to be a trooper with eating my veggies. I had this… rule… that I had to eat them plain, and that other fat-free, healthy stuff was the only topping I was allowed to put on them.

No oil, no nuts, no olives. Because, of course, that was fat. (dun dun dun… cue screaming!).

I am working on that little quirk, and it turns out you eat more kale if you add yummy stuff to it. Go figure! (not really) This was my first creation, and it really stirred a kale beast in me that I never knew I had! It has been my personal favorite since.

Cashew Kalamata Olive Kale

Umm…. do we even need a recipe for this, guys? It’s so simple!

For a single serving, I just chop a couple kalamata olives that come in a salty, vinegar brine (you could use any other olive, too) and toss it in a pan with chopped kale a little handful of cashews. I don’t use any liquid (I dislike sopping greens) and simply stir it around until all the kale wilts to my taste. Sometimes I pour in a bit of the olive brine to add more flavor. Eat immediately.

VARIATION: sunflower seeds make a tasty replacement for the cashews.


Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to spend the rest of the day relaxing in the warm weather.

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2 Responses to Cashew Kalamata Olive Kale

  1. Stephanie says:

    I used to mostly hate olives too (I would only tolerate some on my pizza) but recently, again just like you (twinsies?), I’ve come around. I just realized that I don’t have any in my house atm. This issue must be resolved ASAP.

    • VEGirl says:

      Haha I always loved canned olives (you know, the crappy ones? And, yup, always on my pizza! :)).But for one reason or another I shunned the “good” olives! The only reason there were some even in my house is becuase the rest of my family goes gaga for them!

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