The Loooooooong Car Ride

I mentioned the other day that we were going on a road trip to visit my dad’s family. Yesterday we embarked on out… epic (?)… car ride.

13 hours later (ouch, my butt), We arrived in Utah at around 10:30 pm their time (9:30 out time), said hello, and chatted for five minutes before I crashed into bed. Vinny slept, too (did I mention he came?) Yeah, he did– he was a joy in the car!

Speaking of the car…

We stopped a few times, for the restroom, my sister and I to dash in circles, race, do handstands,  etc. Vinny got a bit of slithering in the grass time as well! When the scenery was lovely, I would take out my camera, while Vinny would hang out in the camera case:


One of gas stops brought an interesting surprise:

Alpacas!? Yup, in a little pen attached to a gas station out in the middle of nowhere in Utah. Who wouldn’t guessed?

He’s smiling.

Have I creeped you out enough yet? I’ll just sign out until tomorrow… or whenever I get another chance to post! I had to ride on my bike (which we brought) around for about 25 minutes before I could find a cafe with internet! I’m currently sitting in a Starbucks. My grandpa is very old fashioned, and they don’t have good internet at all.

However, that’s ok for me to “skip” out, as I’m the earliest riser in the bunch– my grandpa doesn’t get up until around nine, same for the rest of my family! Since we are in the Slat Lake City area, I have a few places I want to visit (gluten-free vegan food things, specifically…)

Any weird stories from the road?

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One Response to The Loooooooong Car Ride

  1. Haha omigosh LOVE the picture of the llama. And that’s definitely a little random coming across them just out of the blue.

    Glad you had a safe trip! Have a good time with your family 🙂

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