VEGirl is Moving…

…but not my blog. Our family is actually moving!

I haven’t really shared this yet, other than a little tidbit here and there– but there isn’t much point keeping is under wraps since my life is going to be very affected by my change of scenery! In one month and two days, we will embark on a 6 day car journey (complete with moving truck, car, and a zoo of pets in the back).


It’s going to be a haul, as we are traveling to the Detroit Metro area. Can you believe that? Me, in Michigan? Although I hear the surrounding area is beautiful and bike friendly, the humidity I’ve been told is killing. I don’t do well with wetness. You can put on moisturizer– there is no dry-erizer.

…”Random tidbits from VEGirl and her skin”…

Me with my Vinny, who, along with my other two monsters (aka Robin and Twiggy) is OF COURSE moving with us (I would never consider getting rid of a pet for moving, or any other reason!).

Well now it’s out. I’m moving! And we have soooo much more preparation to do! We (ok, my mom) have already painted the areas of the house necessary back to white, packed up quite a few boxes, and more than I can list! I am in charge of packing up my room, but I’m putting most of it off for a week or two more. It’s sad to see the room I’ve lived in for almost eight years just… not be mine anymore.

Nostalgia aside, tomorrow we are going to be traveling to see my Dad’s side of the family in Utah, and have a 12 hour drive ahead of us some morning. Sigh. I don’t like sitting still for so long 😉

That would be Vinny snuggling next to my leg, on our last car trip. (And you bet he’s coming on this one tomorrow!)

Did you move a lot as a child?

I have moved five times in my life, and have stayed put for the past eight years.

PS: Don’t expect a What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) tomorrow, or any post for that matter! We won’t arrive at our destination until late night, and I’ll just be too tuckered out to write a post!

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3 Responses to VEGirl is Moving…

  1. oh wwo! that sounds cool!! i love new beginnings! i onlhy moved once as a kid and that was to london when I was 4 so i dnt rmbr it at all!

  2. That sounds so exciting! (and omigosh Vinny is SO cute). I hope you have a safe trip ❤

    I've actually never moved… at least not that I have memory of anyways. We moved into the house I grew up in when I was 3 years old, and are still living in it to this day.

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